Monday, November 10, 2014


My mother says this photo looks like I slapped a wig on my father and took a picture, hahaha.
Kimono-style top: spencer alexis (gift from Megan Mae)
Skirt: St. John Sport by Marie Gray (piked from Mom's closet)
Japanese fan bracelet: vintage (eBay)
Lightning boots: Naya (gift from Dad)

This combination was inspired by this outfit from the style blog In Colored Dreams. In fact, it's a style blogger collaboration extravaganza! The spencer alexis haori/kimono inspired jacket was a gift from Megan of Megan Mae Daily, and I found out about In Colored Dreams from Sara of Sideburns & Bangs.

The creator of In Colored Dreams is Nigerian American, and I thought I might create a Japanese American version of her outfit. I rifle through my mother's closet when I help her with laundry, and this skirt seemed perfect! A little outside my normal style, but I think I like it.

I last wore this jacket when I first got it in the mail. Are there any cultural cuts or prints that inspire you to make outfits?


  1. This look turned out great! I'm not sure if any specific print inspires me to make an outfit, I just kind of go with what I feel that day!

  2. Lovely jacket and wonderful boots! I've been trying to add more prints to my wardrobe but keep slipping back to solids.

  3. Hey, your dad looks good in a wig. And what's up with you stealing all my friends?!!

    1. Hahaha, you keep posting about my blog on your blog! You have no one to blame but yourself.

  4. I laughed about your mother's comment.
    Great outfit! I love Japanese-inspired pieces that feature big sleeves and are wrap around - haori, kimono-type wear... Thanks for the introduction to two new blogs.

  5. Love the print on the top, and that skirt is very stylish, I can imagine it working well through the winter, with it's slightly preppy/vaguely military vibe. Nice choice, mum! xxx

  6. I literally "oohed" when I scrolled down and saw the close-up of your beautiful bracelet. I might have to start an ebay search for something similar ...
    I find culture's different color sensibilities inspiring. I find the Japanese sense of color intriguing - I've seen purple and orange combined to great effect in traditional textiles.

  7. Ahhh Moms...they are the only ones that get away with saying that kind of thing!

    I love those boots.


  8. That skirt it amazing! I often find myself looking like my dad in a wig sans moustache!