Sunday, September 15, 2013

Class Structure

  Trying out the adjustments on the harness from Megan Mae. If I let the back strap all the way out, I can get it to my lower ribs for a different suspender-like look. :D
Harness: AudraJean (etsy, from Megan Mae)
Blouse: contempo (thrifted)
Jeans: UNIQLO (Japan)
Boots: Fitzwell (
Necklace: Foxy Originals Sage Bracelet (

  This is one of my hybrid school outfits, hopefully combining freedom of movement for labs with some visual interest and structured style.

  ... did you know that black shows *everything*? There are tiny lint hairs everywhere! Augh!


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the harness on you.

  2. This look is so hella awesome!! I'm so glad the harness went to you. I knew it would suit you so well, and it really does. Plus I still get to enjoy it by proxy. ;)

  3. Those are some BAMF boots! Perfect for the outfit.

  4. Sigh. I do loves me some Audra Jean harnesses.

  5. SO JEALOUS of your harness! But then, I was jealous when Megan had it, too. What a great outfit!! You look so badass. :-)

  6. Beautiful - the simple underpinnings are the perfect pieces to highlight the harness. A harness is something I've never considered wearing before, but you are doing a wonderful job styling it and now I'm intrigued. :)

  7. Looks Great! I'm thinking I might have to make myself a slim, belt-like harness for everyday-ness...