Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Slip of a Dress

I wore a vintage slip as a tea dress to brunch with friends!:D
Slip as dress: Vanity Fair (thrifted)
Cardigan: Alternative Apparel (thrifted)
Hat: unlabeled (thrifted)
Locket: Express
Sandals: Born (gift from Cathy)

I had a lovely time and I felt very feminine until my mother pointed out that the slip is somewhat sheer and that you can see my underwear. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

I have a cropped wool sweater I wanted to use, but it's a) in storage with most of my things, and b) too warm for SoCal weather yet, so Alternative Apparel thin cardigan thingy it was!
I cannot help but notice no one else down here wears hats. I was pleased with my choice because the veil shaded my eyes while we were chatting outside the restaurant, but I stand out quite a bit.
Shiny designs on the bodice and near the hem!
I really like brunch because I hate mornings and it's a chance for night owls like me to eat breakfast foods at a reasonable hour, and wash it all down with cocktails in a socially acceptable context.

Lately, I've heard a backlash against brunch (specifically in dense urban areas like NY and SF) from folks who think it's part of the eternally childish and irresponsible privileged culture of today's middle class youth. I didn't realize it was an issue. Of course, if you asked my family to describe me, "eternally childish and irresponsible" would sum it up very nicely, hah. How do you feel about brunch?

This outfit may not have turned out as I wished, but I'm linking up with the lovely Judith of Style Crone's Hat Attack! I've missed participating. :D


  1. Backlash against brunch? Yikes! It's my favourite meal!!! I'll mention to my husband that we can now be labeled eternally childish and irresponsible, LOL!

    You LOOK ADORABLE! Maybe you can wear a neutral slip under your slip dress?

  2. Oh, you look so lovely in this outfit! Beautiful dress and no less beautiful hat, love the veil. Personally I have nothing against brunch, do enjoy it from time to time...But wait a minute, perhaps me too am childish and irresponsible :)

  3. I love the slip-as-dress, and Sue has said just what I was going to suggest - another little neutral slip underneath will prevent your underwear making its presence felt. You look wonderfully ladylike and elegant!
    Brunch is the subject of debate, then? Who knew? Like you, I am useless at getting up early, but I love eating at any time of day, so brunch is fine with me! xxx

  4. So pretty and feminine. I like brunch for the same reason. A pleasant way to ease into the day.

    BTW, I was thinking this morning about how sweet you are. I've had that thought before. Your kind acts keep putting it in my head.

  5. I love your "slip as dress" and have am a fan of lingerie as outer wear. I think you look elegant, and pairing the slip with this hat was an act of brilliance. Thank you for sharing your beauty and your hat with Hat Attack.

  6. I think it's super pretty even if it is somewhat sheer!!

    And I have never heard that about brunch before! I love me some brunch!

  7. Such a wonderfully feminine outfit, love your oh so pretty hat. A perfect combination for brunch.
    I enjoy brunch, hadn`t heard of the critisism, I am way past youth so will continue to enjoy it.

  8. I agree with Sue and Ally ... I have never heard any criticism of brunch in my part of the world. Just ignore those people ... they obviously do not know what they are speaking about!!!

    I LOVE the slip ... and agree with Sue that you find a slip to wear under your "slip dress". It is too gorgeous to waste it as an actual slip.