Saturday, May 4, 2013

Breaking Through Fog and Fashion Rules

  Another gorgeous day Friday! Went for lunch in my favorite part of the city, the Richmond District, then sat in a café doing biomechanics homework for 2 hours. -_- Every time there's an exam in this class I suddenly become very popular.

  Fortunately I took along a long wool coat, because by 6 pm the city, scandalized by my bare legs, sent gusts of damp, chilly wind so I'd cover my shame. Jeez, San Francisco, so passive aggressive. If you weren't so pretty I'd never date you.

  I wore a thrifted summer dress, black strappy sandals, old Old Navy* necklace, and my navy fedora. I love me some hats, but I can't wear older style women's hats because my head is too large. (These days a lot of hats use stretchier fabrics, so it's a bit better.)

  I struggle with styling the fedora but I'm reluctant to get rid of it because I bought it way back in the day when I had income. The problems are that I'm not sure what it goes with in my wardrobe, and that it has a high crown. I have a longish face, so cloche hats and cabbie-style caps are more complimentary. I tried folding one half of the brim down and pushing it back on my head. Thoughts?

  This outfit is an exercise in breaking color rules. It mixes brown (dress skirt, necklace cord, bracelet, stripes on dress) with black (sandals, top of dress) with navy blue (fedora, dress bodice.)  The dress has all of those colors and I find their arrangement on the bodice so fun and cheerful. I think it ties everything together.

  I figured while I was breaking style rules with impunity, I might as well take a total departure from my preferred fit. It kind of worked, in that it was comfortable and easy to move in, and kind of not in that it weirded me out because without fabric on the backs of my thighs I kept thinking my underwear was showing.  I may have to do more trials and report back.

 * Hah! I want an old Old Navy navy item.

Dress: Scrapbook Originals (thrifted)
Fedora: Stacy Adams (link to item)
Sandals: Eastland (link to item)
Necklace: Old Navy (old)
Bracelet: CostPlus World Market (old)

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  1. I think your whole outfit looks good together. I am not a hat person as I also battle to find hats that fit ... maybe we should go to Oprah's hat people because she also has a big head. That being said I think you are rocking that fedora so don't get rid of it.

    My son LOVES a fedora but then he has a smaller head and it looks good on him.