Thursday, May 30, 2013

Call me Ishmael

  This skirt is one of my new thrifted goodies from a few weeks ago. I wouldn't have bought it normally because it is green, and I have a documented problem wearing green skirts because I don't own anything that goes with them, but it didn't fit my friend Athena, and it is awesome, so now it is mine.

  My first morning back home from my long stressful weekend visiting family following my long stressful week of finals following my long stressful semester from hell I woke up and tried to find something to wear with it.

  It struck me that Starbuck of 2004 Battlestar Galactica wore this color, and Starbuck is awesome because I'd always wanted a female badass pilot character on TV. What little girl doesn't ride her bike up and down the street making laser gun noises, pretending to be an ace space fighter pilot shooting down enemies and downing shots of 7-UP at the front lawn cantina after a hard battle because the fizz and the toll the war takes on her humanity makes her eyes burn? ... was that just me? Ok.

  At any rate, Miss Kara Thrace and well, pretty much the entire cast of the BSG series wore the olive/army green very well with grey and black, so that is what I did:

  I'm not sure the bare gams go with the look, but I like how the rest of it came out. I might remix with black leggings or tights. Suggestions, as always, are welcome. Also the skirt really is green; it looks more brown because of the late afternoon sun, I think.

  I hadn't heard of the brand Skunkfunk before, but the skirt definitely hits my vaguely urban/punk/future fantasy aesthetic. It's got two buttons that cross past one another, unique pockets at the hips that are buttoned and Velcro'd, a random tiny leather patch, and so on. The tag inside says it is called Egia, and that it is a sample. Thrifted clothing tags are the best.

  Instead of the hexagonal ID tags worn by BSG pilots, I wore my family crest:

  I'm sure it would serve just as well, even if I'm not on a set of jagged metal that symbolizes the raw, bleak situation faced by humanity.

  Today was also the first day I wore my Naya Lark boots out:

  Naya boots always take some breaking in (I think most boots do, right?), but I love their style, and the fact that their "C" widths are as wide as Fitzwell "WW." Seriously, I've held them sole-to-sole and they match.  I'd been breaking them in by wearing them indoors for a few hours at a time last week, and I was able to walk around the city this afternoon without a hitch. Pinky toes got rubbed/squished, which they do in anything that isn't a sneaker or a sandal, but they were not raw.

  The upside to this weekend was I hit up the thrift shop in my hometown and got new goodies. I'll have more pictures once everything is washed and ironed, but here's a quick one I snapped of my non-clothing treasures:

The olive oil in the background is not thrifted. Thankfully.

  I also had a birthday while I was at it; my wonderful friends made it a lovely day. My friend Diana and Mr. Garrett Wang at Phoenix Comicon surprised me with this:

That is RIGHT, son. Birthday wishes from Ensign Harry Kim!

  That's it for now. I'm so happy to be home and happy to be back blogging.

  P.S. Since I'm Asian American, does that mean I'm Boomer instead of Starbuck? They do wear the same uniform and all. If this means I get to spend part of my screentime married to Tahmoh Penikett (move aside, actual friend named Athena!) I am all for it.

Undershirt: H&M (thrifted)
Black lace racerback tank: eBay (link to item)
Skirt: Skunkfunk Egia sample (thrifted)
Boots: Lark by Naya (brown and black available on eBay)


  1. I don't really consider olive green to be green. I mean, I know it is, but it's more wearable to me than green-green. And I love the tank layered over the 3/4 sleeve top; it looks great with the skirt.

  2. Generally, you are absolutely correct. In the context of my bizarrely color-restricted wardrobe, actually not. Most things are blue-grey and grey. Maybe a few black items. Olive threatens to make everything desaturated if I take away my omnipresent jeans.

    I'm trying to change this, though. :D It's one of the things I dig about your blog, and about Stef's blog Diversions.

  3. Glad you had a good birthday.

    My son would kill to go to Comicon anywhere in the world.