Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Party On

Went to a birthday party this weekend! An excellent time was had by all. This is what I wore:
Top: mimoa (v. old)
Black skinny jeans: NYDJ (thrifted)
Denim & leather jacket: Diesel Black Gold (eBay)
Choker: Foxy Originals sage wrap bracelet (available online)
Boots: ALDO (thrifted)

Thanks to two alert readers who point out to me in my last post that 'vera pelle' just means real leather in Italian. Everything else written on the tags, like "echtes leder" also means real leather, or says it's certified genuine in Italian, so I guess it is brandless. I'm a little disappointed I can't track down my coat's relatives through the Internet.
I like all of the individual pieces in this outfit a lot, but I wish I'd had time to look at the proportions in photographs before I went. This was one of those "augh what do I wear" combinations that I settled on after trying on several tops and jackets, and those are always a mixed bag.

I did get numerous compliments on the shirt, which was awesome. Unfortunately for folks who asked, it is 14 years old, purchased at a little indie shop across from UC Irvine that no longer exists, and the brand has zero online presence. -_-
Good news: I finally found a pair of black skinny jeans that fit! I've been looking for half a year, and this pair fits really comfortably. I can sit down without my thighs feeling like they're tied up like a roast. AND they actually fit at the waist! (normally I have to size up a few to get jeans that fit my legs) They are literally mom jeans: the brand is called Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Hah! (Take note, other lady martial artists and women well-endowed in the thighal region. They only go up to size 18, though.)

Bad news: I made a mistake not wearing them under a dress or tunic. My thigh to ankle ratio is quite large because genetics and wushu are an unstoppable team. My friend's fashion adviser told her that boot cuts are not flattering, period, and that skinny jeans that fit just look better. Last time I'm trying that advice.

edit: My friend suggested tall boots balance out not-narrow limbs. I definitely wear tall boots with leggings and skinny jeans under dresses. I'll try 'em with my denim-clad upper legs showing some time!

The top and jacket both have high necks and emphasize the shoulders, so I think this outfit accentuates all of my stocky areas at once.

What I should have done is check my blog, since the last time I wore this shirt, I also wore black on bottom and a leather jacket (I am predictable), but the proportions were much better. Loose trousers + tight shirt = my friend. Sometimes I get carried away trying out different fits for kicks and forget about tried & true.

I'm not sure what to wear on bottom to balance out this jacket's shoulders and high collar. Maybe fall back on my old standbys, bootcuts jeans + chunky boots? I was born with only 6 cervical vertebrae instead of 7, and I have large trapezius muscles, so I should deploy high collars with care. Are there particular collar shapes or necklines that you avoid?


  1. I have sturdy legs too, and although I am not currently working out that is just how I am built. I like baby boot cut jeans and I don't care what anyone says, they ARE flattering if you need to balance out your thighs or any other curves a bit. They are also making a bit of a comeback I'm told. I wear skinnies sometimes too but I prefer them paired with a tall or a chunky boot to help create some of that balance. I feel a bit too tapered if I wear them with flats and I don't wear heels.

    I am not aware of my vertebrae count but I do have a short neck. A short neck and a definite bust, so I don't wear collars or turtlenecks or even mock turtle necks. I do contradict this guideline a bit and wear scarves, though I usually only wrap them once or twice around my neck and wear them draped and long. I cannot get into the statement necklace trend.

    You look awesome, as always!

    1. Me, too! Whether I work out or not, I have 'drumstick legs', as Val calls them. I'm still with you about the boot cut jeans, but I'm going to take photographs and compare side by side for a better look.

  2. The top is amazing! You look fabulous. Hooray for finding black skinny jeans!

    I mostly avoid turtleneck style tops - one, they choke me and two, I feel they cut off my neck at a weird point and look odd on me.

    1. I avoid turtlenecks, too. I can't stand something touching the front of my throat! Been that way since I was a kid. :D

  3. I *love* the top and the jacket is cool also! I think the jacket would go well with a maxi dress (with a low cut neckline?). I don't really care of necklines, but I avoid anything too ruffly on the top (especially sleeves / shoulders) coz my upper body is bigger than my lower body.
    Not your daughters jeans :D! That's funny :) !

  4. That jacket is so cool!

    I love skinny jeans but would really like to find a good pair of straight legged jeans. Jeans or pants, underwear and bathing suits are the worst things to shop for I find.

    I mostly like open necks but I can be found wearing almost all styles.

    BTW someone from the UK answered your question on my blog about the High Tea : )


  5. It was me who commented about high/afternoon tea over at Suzanne's!
    You look great, it's a cool and sexy outfit for a party, and you look like a kickass rock chick! However, I know what you mean about proportion. I am quite tall, but relatively short of leg (long torso) and chunky of thigh, which is basically why I have given up on trousers and jeans, they just don't flatter in the way that skirts and dresses do. And I don't care what the fashion police say, skinny jeans do NOT work on every woman, there are better styles out there for those of us with wider hips and thighs. But yes, of course it all depends what you were with them, in terms of length on top, heels or flats, boots or shoes, etc.
    High necks of any sort are not good on me either, I look too blocky and booby in them.
    I sound like a rule freak - and I am really not, I just think I know by now what works on me and what doesn't! xxx

  6. You look so chic. I don't have enough expertise to provide feedback or advice, but want to go on the record and say you look great.

  7. I love the cut of your blouse. I've been looking for items with different cuts lately and this is lovely.

    Not Your Daughter's Jeans are pretty great. I recommend them as well. And so do my thighs, so you know they're good!

    I also agree that baby boots or, if you're feeling bold, a full on flare can balance bigger thighs. That being said, it's all relative and you should wear what you're comfortable in.

  8. Looks like an excellent choice for a fun birthday party Aya. I'm assuming it was a grown ups party, because you do look like a lady ready to party, like Curtise says, kickass rock chick! I think with the jacket on, the proportions work well...creating that long lean silhouette with a single colour. With the jacket off, it's going to throw the proportion off...if you learn the secrets, please do share.

  9. The look is perfect for a party! Personally I like it without jacket better, the jacket "breaks" the beautiful bottom cut of the blouse.

    1. You're right, Olga. I didn't notice it until I looked at the photos. I will have to try longer coats with this top in the future.

  10. I think the top and jacket would work well with a peasant skirt kind of thing. The contrast of rugged jacket and soft skirt would be cool!

    I also have drumstick thighs. I wish there was some way to disguise them, but I think it's impossible. Oh, well, no one's perfect.

    1. Haha! I love the term drumstick thighs! I'm going to use it from now on. :D

      I used to hate them; now since I've been doing martial arts for so long, I appreciate them for what they can do. Still not decorative, though!

  11. Oh dear, I waited to comment and now you have a new post up... That's an awesomely cool top. My penny's worth, I think this jacket would also look great with a black skirt (or red?) and boots, a skirt with a slight flair. And you would look great in all-black with this, midnight biker chick thing.

  12. I have a short neck, and so I avoid turtlenecks. Hate 'em. I would wear this top with a full swirly grey or black skirt! Love it!

  13. I love your analytical, yet always amusing discussion of the 'fit' of clothing. It always makes me think better as a seamstress. I really should pause when I pull out a pattern, and ask 'What Would Aya Do?" Does this actually have a flattering shape for its recipient (mostly me)? Or am I just being grabby and gung-ho because it looks cute on the model/in the sketches? You'd think I'd learn to approach creating articles of clothing with more pause/thought since it's not just money I'm putting into them, but my time and work as well. Stupid artsy brain always attracted to shiny things.