Thursday, February 27, 2014

White House, Black Market, Green Jeans

We're getting some much-needed rain here. I've been wearing the silhouette that I depend on heavily in the winter while my more costume-y things are packed in boxes.
Tunic: Karen Kane (gift from Megan Mae)
Green skinny jeans: White House Black Market (thrifted, size 4 on eBay)
Boots: ALDO (thrifted)
Cloisonne necklace: (thrifted)

This tunic is another gift from my friend Megan Mae! It's cool because it's a cut that's flattering, in colors I like, soft, comfortable fabric, and it pushes my comfort boundaries a little because it has a pattern on it. I'm liking it more and more each time I wear it.

Something about tunics and longer pieces is comforting in cooler weather. My father wears women's fleece jackets because they are tunic length, instead of stopping at the hip. I always hear him in my head saying, "Keeps mah buns warm!" in his gravelly way. He's a life experience, that man.
These White House Black Market sage green skinny jeans have rhinestone rivets!
I'm such a sucker for unique pockets.
The bottoms also zip so they can be worn outside of or in boots:
Aaaaand I can move in them! Stretch fabrics are my friend. I think this company is worth checking out in the future. They go from size 00 to 16. (This isn't sponsored, I just get excited when I thrift jeans that fit.)
Do you favor certain silhouettes depending on the weather or season?


  1. I like White House Black Market too - when you find them at the thrift store it is a huge score!! The jeans look fantastic on you and so does the tunic from Megan! Very nice!

  2. Can we start a band together and call it Rhinestone Rivets? I feel like that would be awesome.

  3. I love this outfit and it is very good inspiration for me. This is what I should be wearing. I'm still learning to wear more fitted things. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tunic. White House Black Market just does not show up in my small town thrift shops. Sigh... oh well. I live vicariously through you!

  4. Well since our weather has been the worst in, oh, I don't know…25 years or something ridiculous and currently it is like -25 with the windchill the only silhouette right now is bulky with boots. And I hate it. Take me away!

    But these jeans…I'm loving. Now if they came fleece lines with electric heaters inside I'd love them even more.


  5. Very cool outfit. I would love to wear more tunics, but I don't really see them very often. Or maybe I just need to be more imaginative when I see them on a hanger. Yours is inspiring, and I love those jeans!

  6. That silhouette always makes me feel cozy on chilly (can I even use that word when I live on a tropical island?) days. :) The print and colors of that tunic are gorgeous, and those pants are an amazing thrift find! My favorite thrifted blazer is White House Black Market - not a brand I see often on the thrift store racks.

  7. I love this! I love jeans/pants that you can move in! The pattern on the tunic is lovely, especially with that necklace! AND, your dad rocks.

  8. Love that final pose! It's a cool look, casual but rocking, very you. The tunic looks great, that shape definitely suits you. I think my silhouette tends to be the same, whatever the season, just with more or less layers! xxx

  9. Great tunic. And I don't think it's possible that I could love Megan more than I do. :-)

  10. Oooo that tunic looks so cute on you! I knew it would. I'm glad you like it. Karen Kane is one of my all time favorite brands, especially for how many of their clothes are made in the US.

    Speaking of moving! whenever you are packed up and moved onto your next location, let me know your new address!

  11. Okay. Admittedly jealous of your 'winter' silhouette. Mine is this bulky, multi-layered monstrosity consisting of the same thing (long johns, jeans, shirt, wool-cotton hoodie, -apron layer while at work, work fleece jacket, winter coat) day after day after day after day... When will it be summer?!! Oh the humanity!

    Ahem, anyway... Those pockets are awesome. And the tunic layered over the jeans looks great. I like the print on you. Of course, I often pull cotton prints from the quilting or 'juvenile' section to make dresses, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

    (Your dad sounds like an awesome character, BTW)

  12. Excellent! You look lovely in this very curvy and romantic print. That, contrasted with the zips and the cargo pockets make the whole thing cool as a ... well ... very cool, indeed.
    Love your dad for that, actually. Know he'll be proud you told the world!
    Congrats on the rain. May you have as much as you need.