Monday, September 29, 2014

Stripped Up for Hot Weather

This top is one of my new desert pieces. I managed to snag it for $3 at a thrift shop. Fully lined and 100% silk! It has subtle ruching down the sides and a drapey almost cowl neckline that flatters the figure.
Oh, and the tattered strips of silk: Instant love. Any occasion to bust out the fire hazard label! I feel they hang around my shoulders like the fluttering ribbons of fantasy wings. Or ribbons of homelessness, according to my mom. Agree to disagree.
Shredded silk shirt: unknown (thrifted)
Denim mermaid skirt: Bebe (thrifted)
Sandals: Clark's (gift from Cathy)
Necklace: Old Navy
Bangles: gifted x2, DIY, thrifted, and Paris
I feel kind of slouchy and feminine and classy-sexy all at once in it. Which is great, because I've also been totally slacking about cutting and styling my hair. And makeup. Meh. It's 90 degrees.
Thrifting is such an equalizer. I'd be too intimidated to wear an expensive silk shirt with denim and roll around on the floor in it playing with the dog, but since all price tags are the same, I feel like my clothes are cheerfully all-purpose.

Am I the only one who carries a mental price tag with items and lets that influence their use? I shouldn't, but high prices for things intimidate me. How much more freeing a $3 price tag can be. :D


  1. I agree on the mental price tag! And this shirt is a great find, you wear it very well too!

  2. Gorgeous top! Beautiful piece.

    And you're right about a low price giving us mental freedom. Thrift-clothes do that for me. I can play, experiment and even alter them like Frankenstein's monster without any concern for money. On the flip-side, I was once given an expensive tie (over $100) and was nervous every time I wore it, especially during lunch.

  3. I LOVE this look, I think it is my favorite one of yours. I totally agree on the mental price tag, it is nice to buy something for ourselves and not have to worry about spending too much. I am hoping to go thrifting with Kyle soon,

  4. Fantastic outfit. The shirt is perfectly romantic with just the right edge. Knowing I only spent a few dollars on an item definitely makes me feel more comfortable wearing and possibly damaging it. The first scuff on a brand new pair of $$$ shoes is heartbreaking but a scuff or two on a pair that I only paid a few bucks for and maybe even came with a couple of scuffs already is just no big deal.

  5. I know what you mean. I have a silk shirt I got at Goodwill for $2 (normally $4--gasp! so expensive!--but back in the spring they had a half-price sale on long-sleeved items) and have no compunction about throwing it in the washer with my workout clothes. If in some parallel universe I'd paid $60 for it, I'd be tediously hand-washing it with special detergent that cost way more than $2, squeezing out the extra water in a towel, and worrying that I shouldn't be eating a burrito while wearing it.

  6. I'm another one who totally gets the mental price tag thing. If you pay next to nothing for a piece of clothing, you don't stress about ruining it as much (and when you're as messy and clumsy as I am, that's highly likely...)
    Love the tattered silky angel wings - angel above, mermaid below, all round lovely! xxx

  7. Silk is one of my favorite things to thrift - what a gorgeous top! I love the fringe.
    I agree with you on the mental price tag! I'd hesitate to wear something pretty and expensive to work because I know I'll end up sweating all over it (no A/C), or a kid with sticky hands will give me a hug ... but something from the thrift store can be worn without fear.

  8. So gorgeous!! Great finds and a gorgeous woman! I am pretty sure you would look hot in a paper sac though. You could totally kick butt like The Paper Bag Princess. I do have the mental price tag issue but I also have that hangup about fancier clothes no matter what I spent on them. I have to fight the urge to safe my favourite clothes for some far off and unknown special occasion fearing that a great outfit will be wasted on an ordinary day at home where nobody sees it.
    Now I have serious shoulder dangly things envy and I want some too.

  9. You won my National Sewing Month Mini-Sweepstakes/Giveaway! (Info on how to claim your prize is on my blog... basically just email me).

    Also, have I mentioned yet how glad I am you are back to blogging?! I love your outfits. They are always so beautiful, stylish, fun, and well put-together. (I wish I could dress like you!)

  10. Am I jelly. I would wear that top anytime and 3 bucks... way cool :) ! Long time no see and you look great with your new hairstyle and those glasses :)

  11. I like the shirt. And I can't quite put my finger on why, because ordinarily I'm so much more conservative in my preferences. But there you have it!