Friday, October 10, 2014

Sheer for Sear

Someone left Southern CA on 'parboil' again. This is the second thrift piece I picked up for simmer-I mean, summer.
Amboy Aces dress/tunic: Salvage (thrifted)
Long vest/cardigan: LUX (clothing swap)
Sandals: Clark's (gift from Cathy)
My friend noted with approval that this is summer clothing. I kind of felt like I was wearing underwear all day. It might be the light colors, it might be the thinness of the material, or, as I now realize looking at the photos, it might be because I'm clearly wearing a tunic, not a dress. Dangit. Blog and learn.

On the plus, it's a size up from what I normally wear, and I found out when I went to brunch that I can eat a pound of food and it is not evident. Hooray loose!

The thrifted tunic's brand is Salvage, and it reminds me of the brand Treasure Rock that I also have some pieces from. I looked it up online, and man, this brand is pricey. I like all of the cool details and grommets, but $139 for this thing new? Half the damn thing isn't even opaque!
Speaking of, this light lavender long vest or cardigan or thing by LUX proved its usefulness, even as it continues to defy categorization. The back of the Salvage tunic is actually sheer, leading me to wonder who exactly this garment is meant for. Is this a misguided attempt to be sexy?

If a question is going to form in the mind of the folks I pass on the street, I'd like it to be along the lines of, "Where did she get those clothes?" rather than, "Dear god, are those her underpants visible through the back of that thing?"

Then again, when temperatures are regularly nearing 100F, my brain shorts out and all bets are off. Small wonder I forgot to wear pants.


  1. I'm sorry you're still boiling out there! I love this flowy look though! I'll try and ship some cooler weather your way!

  2. Send some of that heat up my way.

    I love/hate clothing that is that loose and comfortable. It isn't a good thing for me to be able to eat lots without feeling the reminding pinch of the waistband. Also I find most of the time I'm fidgeting with my clothes in an effort to ensure myself that I am in fact wearing some.


  3. In that heat nobody can blame you for not wearing pants. The outfit is lovely as usual!

  4. I'm liking the long vest over dress look here - so boho and flowy! We are on simmer here as well, and some days I've relented and worn shorts to work with a nice top.
    I think the same people who made the back of your pretty tunic sheer are the same people behind all those oddly-fitting pants we keep running into. Blogger ate your comment on my trilby blog post, probably because I had to put it back into draft to make changes, but I agree with you on the pants. I wish they would use a variety of fit models to design pants - I find that in many brands one size is too tight and the next size up is way too big.

  5. Well, this tunic do look like a short dress. Actually two things are quite confusing. I don't think somebody got shocked at you wearing no pants. You look really summery and sexy in this outfit. And I love the shoes.

  6. I think that outfit is super LA, in a good way. Who needs pants in the land of bathing suits, anyway?

  7. LOL-you make me laugh and I think I shall forever have the phrase 'Dear God are those her underpants.." stuck in my head. You look fabulous even if you are pantless and I love this outfit, though I totally relate to the feeling of being in your underwear with such light pieces. I feel that way in summer clothes quite often and would happily live somewhere not terribly warm just so that I can wear more clothes comfortably. Most of the year it is like that here, though we can get temps in the 80s in summer and that is too hot for me!

    I would try to pair that outfit with either a short and light skirt just an inch or two longer than the tunic, with cropped and lightweight leggings or with light weight wide leg pants. But then all of those things would make you slightly warmer too. So feck it, just get some really fantastic underpants.

  8. Hey, will you permit me to comment on something other than your clothes? Your face looks so happy here. You're radiating joy. And your body seems to be doing that, too. You look looser and more spirited than last year. This may be an illusion but I hope it's true.

  9. New, the thought of those temperatures makes me feel faint!
    But you are definitely still in simmering summer mode. I love the relaxed vibe, the pale colours, the lightweight layering. Can't see any underwear from here, you're OK! The shorter length suits you, who cares if it's a tunic or a dress? xxx

  10. New? Damn autocorrect - I meant phew! xx