Monday, October 20, 2014

Sweating Bullets with Butterfly Wings

Know what they call lace-up boots with a skirt in Orange County?

... a rookie mistake.

I tried to change up the shorts-tank-sandals routine a little and feel more dressed-up. Result: profuse calf sweat. NO ES BUENO.
Tank top: Diesel (Las Vegas outlet)
Pleated denim skirt: London Jean (thrifted)
Lace-up boots: Report (thrifted)

The Diesel tank top is thick material and double-layered too, so it was also not an ideal garment in the heat. Even my summer clothes are summer-in-San-Francisco clothes. I last wore this tank top with denim too, looking back on it!
I love the purple flowers & butterfly or feathers design on this shirt. I got a close-up of the silver speckles that cover it, but it wasn't easy. All clothes on the floor now exist for lounging. Ahem:
Your blog is now about me.
Australian terrier mutts are a greater market share blah blah shareholder value maximization.
... what, you didn't get the memo?
My transformation into one of those people that anthropomorphizes and shares endlessly about their pets is complete. How did this happen? I remember being cool-headed and reasonable about this in the beginning.
I used to wear boots with skirts and dresses all the time without thinking about it. Well, I wear boots with everything. Something about a good solid pair of chunky boots fills me with comfort and outfit confidence.

It wasn't until moving away for several months and visiting the SF Bay Area that I realized it's totally A Thing there. Every gal does it! Sometimes we need to get some distance from ourselves in order to see more clearly. (:

Down here, not so much of a thing. And now, as I swab out the shafts of my Report boots, I know why.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry it was so warm and uncomfortable! I love the look, it's so cute!! Those boots are fabulous!! And hello puppy!!! What a cutie!

  2. Adorable pup!
    It will get cooler here any minute now. I hope.

  3. You need some cooler weather, cos you really rock the short skirt + boots look!
    Darling dog - of course we pet owners anthropomorphise, we have to believe our pets have their own individual personalities, understand what we say, and are unique amongst creatures... otherwise we look foolish for lavishing so much love (and money) on the little buggers! xxxx

  4. hahaha....cute, cute puppy!!! If taking photos of your dog is slipping over to the dark side of blogging...then I'm completely on board! :)

    That heat in Cali is relentless, it seems. Hope you get some respite soon, and get to enjoy this cute outfit again!!!

  5. That is too bad they were uncomfortable because I think they look great. I was going to write HOT, but of course they were! LOL

    OMG...more photos of the puppy please! : P


  6. Maybe you can find some mesh boots to wear in SoCal. Hey, that would be a great idea - right up there with having an Australian terrier mutt blog! I love that top, and I love your haircut! I'm glad you were brave enough to try it, cause it looks fab on you.

  7. Yeah, it is a great look with that short skirt and the boots. But it is same here - most of the time it is unbearable to wear anything except sandals. And no layering...Otherwise - "profuse sweating"...I don't mind seeing photos of pets, especially as cute as this doggy!

  8. Booties, my friend. Booties. Same bang as boots; less sweat.

  9. I wear boots quite a but because I hate to shave my legs and they help cover things up a bit! HA!!

  10. I wear boots with everything. For the same reason as another poster said - I hate to shave my legs! But also because I can't wear most shoes without a sock. And boots just look better.