Friday, January 24, 2014

Denim Slacker

Yeah, the lighting's better out on the balcony. Second try at styling black slacks!
Tank top: Diesel (Vegas outlet)
Black slacks: Theory (thrifted)
Denim dress-as-coat: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Boots: ex-wide Fitzwell Edeen (
To casual them down, I added a denim dress-as-trench, because nothing sinks an outfit to casualtown faster than that lead ballast of outerwear materials: denim!  I think I'm going to donate this thing, though. The last time I wore it, it did not go well. I like the length but it's just too bulky-looking or too much denim for me.

The photo did not capture it, but this tank top little silver speckles all over it, as if someone had shaken a paintbrush and left a very fine layer of paint droplets on it. It makes the tank top stick to itself a little, but it's worth it for the design and stitching. Plus it was at an outlet for $10. :D

I think I get that one styles slacks down with a casual tee or top now. They will probably go in my drawer as a denim alternative, when I'm dressing casually but not wearing a very attention-y outfit.

Also, lipstick. Because hooray for pushing at one's comfort boundaries. :D

Thank you guys for all of your supportive and nice comments last post! It feels good to be back to the person I could only theoretically remember being for a while. I'm proceeding with caution, but I went out to a thrift shop today and wandered about, and felt fine. (: 


  1. I think I kind of love that long denim jacket. Have you ever thought of wearing it as a dress?


  2. I like the denim dress/jacket too, it doesn't look bulky at all, the side view is really flattering, and it has that lovely seaming at the back. But as with all clothes, if it doesn't making you feel comfortable and fabulous, then into the donation pile it must go!
    Cute t-shirt, and yes, those trousers fit very nicely! xxx

  3. The tank's print looks lovely and I imagine with all those silver sparkles you mentioned it looks even more beautiful. As to denim dress, I don't see much bulk there, but perhaps for me (being not that big fan of denim) there is indeed too much denim. You look happy on the photos!

  4. Balconies def rule for taking pics! I always take mine in the balcony if the hubby isn't available for taking them outdoors. I must say I like your denim trench / dress,but also understand the "too much denim" thing. If you are not certain you will donate it, mayhaps try wearing something over it (if it's not super thick material?)

  5. Unfortunately it is too cold here to be outside with anything less than a parka on!!
    Love the top--little sparkles are always a good thing!!!
    I kinda like the dress as a jacket

  6. You look totally cute in that tank!! Also echoing Tamera. It's barely warm enough to think about getting out of bed, much less get too dressed up! Looks like you've got some sunlight too.

  7. I don't own a lot of denim, jackets maybe and as for a denim dress it has to be light and easy to wear - If you don't like it get rid of it, good chance you will never wear it again, even if you try to wear it another way, talking about my experience of course -
    Too bad we can't see the tee, sounds nice the way your described it -



  8. I love denim jackets, but they really have to be just right. If you're not 100% feelin' it, then it's gotta go. Hurray for lipstick! I've rediscovered how nice it completes an ensemble - that is a lovely red on you, Aya!

  9. I like the denim dress as jacket... I always get serious coat-envy when reading your blog. But if you're not comfortable in it, then it probably should go! Cute top!

  10. This post reminded me ... are you a dancer? You have the elegant posture of one, easy and upright. This little tank just sits so well on your frame. The denim doesn't seem overly bulky, but denim is sort of bulky by nature. Looks good on you, though.