Monday, January 6, 2014

Buddhaful Day

This post's photos are brought to you by guest photographer and my brother Jin! :D
Diana coat: Buddhaful (gift)
Petal sway necklace: Anthropologie
Ring: vintage (Grandmother's)
Skirt: Donna Karan (borrowed from Mom)
Shoes: also borrowed from Mom
Things look so different on a DSLR!

These were taken before I left Southern California. I still love my Buddhaful Diana coat and I've been getting very nice comments on it whenever I go out in public or to social events. I'm going to submit this to How I Wear My: Coat, run by Jill of Everything Just So and Adriene of The Rich Life on a Budget. I'm also going to link up to Patti's Visible Monday!

I'm feeling more and more self-conscious about the very mild winter we are having in the SF Bay Area. It usually is not like this, and it's happening while the rest of the nation is experiencing a cold spell. I hope you all are staying warm and not losing your minds to cabin fever. There's always blogging, whether reading or writing, yes? Yes?

Sending sunshine thoughts your way,


  1. Aya, you look AMAZING in this coat, which I love. Wow! Thank you for linking to Adrienne and me. The post goes up Wednesday and I'm glad you are joining us! XO, Jill

  2. Fabulous coat Aya! I'd stop you on the street and compliment you too!

  3. Ahhhh that's such an awesome coat!

  4. That coat is insanely gorgeous (I feel like I write this on just about every other post of yours, but oh well). ;) I do like navy blue with the pale fluttery pinks of the necklace and skirt, but I've been having a most unusual attraction to pastels lately ...

  5. Yup, that's a very meaningful coat; you are natural magnet for compliments when you wear it. And now your brother has me coveting a DSLR. Until then, I'll shall have to play with the camera I have and maybe find a better shooting location than a concrete stairwell!

  6. Send more sunshine please! : ) I had to go out to buy groceries this morning and the shopping cart wouldn't work outside because it was too cold! No joke.

    This coat is gorgeous. The ruffle and lines are so flattering and unique. I can see why you were drawn to it.

    Happy New Year!


  7. Ugh, Blogger just ate my comment - apologies if this ends up being repeated...
    Great photos, especially the close-up. I wonder sometimes if I should invest in a DSLR... But then I would have to actually learn how to use it, wouldn't I?
    Something about the very flattering (and sexy) shape of the fit'n'flare coat over the long ruffled skirt reminds me of a romantic Gothic heroine. Beautiful! xxx

  8. Very nice shoot Aya!
    A DSLR makes a big difference and not so hard to operate - I love mine!
    I learned on how to use it on YouTube!

    Superb coat, no wonder you get compliments!
    Hard, harsh, artic winter here, unbelievable! but i said it before and i will continue i guess, i'm so friggin annoyed! Spring please!

    Yes there's blogging!

    Take care

    See you soon


  9. I love the coat, it looks great on you as well as the rest of the outfit. We are having a mild winter too and tbh and I am happy with it, I don't like cold :)
    Hope you had awesome holidays :) x

  10. Hi Aya, what a gorgeous coat! I want it!! I haven't heard of this company before, so will google it and see what I find.

    Many thanks for your comments too, on my blog: Forever on the Catwalk of

  11. What an AMAZING coat!!! I love how you've styled it rather romantically!!

    It's all of 10 degrees here. UGH

  12. Oh my! LOVE that coat. Especially layered over that skirt. I forget what I deprive myself of when I neglect the blogs, all the wonderful styles of you fashion blogging ladies!

  13. That coat is stunning, Aya! Wow, great outfit!

  14. That is such a gorgeous coat, Aya - I haven't seen one to compare! It's warm here now in Florida too, but I feel for my friends in Minnesota! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  15. You make Victorian reference so modern and cool. What a great set of tastes you have in your repertoire, Aya. Talk about refined persona style. You haz it.
    Brilliant combos. Every pieces just charms.