Thursday, October 16, 2014

Street Food Cinema's Labyrinth

One of the things I did this summer was attend Street Food Cinema's showing of Jim Henson's Labyrinth with my friend Cathy!

Labyrinth is my favorite film, and getting the chance to see it on a large screen is always a treat. I've seen it in a theatre once before, in the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Brian Henson and a few cast members did a pre-show for that one. It was fantastic. (:

 In case you haven't seen it, Labyrinth features Jennifer Connelly as a teenaged heroine who sets out to save her baby brother wearing jeans, a vest over a foofy shirt, and sensible shoes:
So I wore my take on the ensemble:
Would have liked more contrast between the vest and the shirt, but it's the only one of that cut I've got. Wouldn't mind another layer-y vest like this, but I'll take it slow, since this one already makes my mother sad.

At least the undershirt is no longer white! I overdyed it to bring out the blue and purple in the t-shirt.

Theatre de la Labyrinth shirt: available on Redbubble, prints on etsy
Undershirt (overdyed): Anxiety Cafe (thrifted)
Vest: Zara basic (thrifted)
Necklace-as-bracelet: Printemps dept store in Japan
Of course one needs a bracelet of plastic beads for barter
Here is a picture of the shirt art from the artist's etsy store:
Seriously, I love this film so much. I love everything David Bowie wears in it, I love the Escher-inspired set pieces, I love that Michael Moschen does Jareth's contact juggling, I love that Gates McFadden of Star Trek: the Next Generation fame choreographed the ballroom scene.

Most of all, you can clearly see the passion and creativity in the detail that went into this film. The sets and puppets are bursting with personality and the world has that distinct wacky, gentle, and thoroughly creative Jim Henson feel.

Fran Brill said of Jim Henson, "He was gentle, empathetic, worked with praise and encouraged you to the best of your ability. He created an atmosphere of fun and foolishness intuiting that in order to create and feel free one had to feel 'safe.'"

It also features the only possible example of leggings-as-pants that doesn't meet with my disapproval:
woo hoo! David Bowie is borderline NSFW in this film.
The event itself had several food trucks and a big grassy lawn on which to spread picnic blankets. Cathy said it was a prime example of the sun worshipping Los Angeles culture. I'm starting to like the city, at least the parts I travel to within its vast bounds. It's too large to wrap my head around as yet.

When I get out of the monochrome suburb where my mother lives, Southern CA has some pretty neat events, creative people, and a lot of wonderful places to eat. I'm working on getting that activation energy to get in the car and drive for an hour to experience some of it. It's harder than just riding the train or bus for the same length of time!

Did you go to any outdoor events this summer? Are there showings of old or cult favorite films in your area?


  1. I LOVE that movie. I am a big fan of the cutesier Muppets, but I have always loved Labyrinth. Your shirt is amazing and this entire look totally channels Jennifer Connelly! Man, I haven't seen it in son long, I think I will have to pull it out this weekend now!

  2. I adore that film. I need to rewatch it now. Hopefully they have it on Netflix.


  3. Wow, I thought I'd seen all of Bowie's films but I overlooked this one. Thanks for mentioning it. **off to Netflix**

  4. I had no idea Gates McFadden is a choreographer. That's cool. I was about the same age as Sarah when the movie came out. Oh how I wanted to be her! I kinda still do. Everything about that movie was magical and perfect. We really lost one of the greats when Henson died. He was far too young. You did a lovely job interpreting her outfit. And yes, David Bowie does know how to rock the leggings. Yum!

  5. Strange that I have not seen this movie. Seems like you enjoyed the event very much. When I was in Belarus this summer they showed Chaplin's "City LIghts" on the big screeen to the accompaniment of live music played by the symphony orchestra. That was amazing experience!

  6. What a smile-inducingly cool outfit! I remember watching that movie at, of all places, a Girl Guide special movie night meeting (when I was around 12-13).

    No cult films in our one (of-the-moment) movie theater town, but thankfully there's always Netflix to the rescue on that front. :)

    Many thanks for all of your wonderfully nice recent blog comments,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Ahem... I'm embarrassed to admit I have never seen Labyrinth - please don't hate me! Great artwork on the t-shirt, very Alphonse Mucha-inspired. xxx

  8. OMG I hadn't seen this movie as a kid, so Kyle took me to see it on the big screen back when we lived at the old apartment, because one theater was playing it. I LOVED it! We even had "Magic Dance" on our wedding playlist. I LOVE that shirt! I love your take on the ensemble, t is perfect!