Wednesday, October 22, 2014

They see me rollin', they bustiertin'

It's cool enough to wear pants again! (Trousers for our UK reader. Hi, Curtise!)
 I feel this outfit could use a brown bowler hat. It feels subtly everyday Steampunk to me.
Denim bustier: Guess (thrifted)
Buttondown: Salsa Jeans, 1st Level collection (thrifted)
Trousers: Citizens of Humanity (thrifted)
Bracelet-as-choker: Foxy Originals
Boots: Two Lips (thrifted)

The layering is because the denim bustier is short and leaves a good inch of midriff bare. The laces are also let out all the way in the back, so by itself this is more skin than I'd like to show, even in sun-worshipping Southern CA.
The material is stretchy, the detailing is fun, and it's quite comfortable though, so I'm glad I figured out a way to wear denim on top. :D

This outfit's actually a twofer: I also dig the trousers but don't know what to wear with green pants, so I stapled the two elements together with the brown shirt as a connecting piece.
Love the contrasting stitching and the leather side cinchers and buttons on this shirt! It has a Western/Steampunk feel to me, though the brand, Salsa jeans, is Portuguese. :D It's another one of those brands I'm sure I'd never have come across if not for thrift shops.
The decorative buttons on the side of my green trousers. Hooray useless buttons and zippers!

I think I like lots of decorative elements on my clothes to have something to fiddle with or stare at. It started because I was a terminally bored child in school, and even though those days are long behind me, having jewelry to touch or interesting shiny bits on my clothes brings me comfort.

What elements draw you to your favorite clothes? Texture, details, visual appearance?


  1. Colours are always my draw to clothing. Then probably cut.

    I love the shape of that bustier. It looks GREAT on you.

    I just back from a walk with my dog and I swear it is minus something outside. I have windburn on my face now. Send some of your "cool" California weather up my way : )


  2. LOVE the pants. I have a pair of olive colored pants that are my new favorite everything. Your bustier is amazing too, I don't think I could pull that off - but I also live in Minnesnowta.

    I think texture and color is what draws me to an item of clothing. I always find I'm drawn more to patterns than not too. I guess something that makes it stand out.

  3. I not only like your style, I enjoy the inventiveness you display with clothes. You have a mental conception that's beyond my ken. (And Barbie...)

  4. Ha, I get a special mention for being the token Brit who insists on saying trousers - go me!
    Now, I was thinking this outfit looked kinda tough girl military GI Jane chic, until you took the shirt off and revealed the va-va-voom bustier - it REALLY suits you!
    Yes, I do like details, bit mostly it's colour and print that catch my eye. Bright and bold, usually! xxx

  5. Dude, this totally reminds me of something Faith would have worn in Buffy. Very early 2000's. That being said, I love it! I never find anything this cool when I go thrifting.

  6. Details! It all about great little touches like the buttons and buckles on your outfit. Definitely has a wonderful steampunk vibe without being costume.

  7. Beautiful description of details! You look fabulous in this ensemble. I love movement in my accessories. It makes me feel alive.

  8. You look gorgeous Aya! I adore the denim bustier! It is getting cooler here in Sicily too in fact, a bit too hot for jeans but I am starting to wear leggins again.

  9. I love these pieces and you paired them well as they all have an earthy sort of feel to them. I too love buttons and zippers, also ruching and laces and tucks and folds etc. Yes! to the bowler hat-there is indeed a sort of casual steampunk feel to this. I love steampunk but I think it doesn't fit into my life very well. I would def. buy steampunk art pieces if I came across them. I would def buy that denim bustier too.