Wednesday, July 15, 2015

In the Pink

Rusty and dusty! Let's start off with a picture of why I need this blog to see my outfits with a fresh eye.

Sweater tunic: American Rag Cie (thrifted)
Belt: Pelle Melle (thrifted)
Houndstooth Cabbie cap: San Diego Hat Company
Shoes: Naturalizer Defoe (Zappos, still available)
I really liked the pink shade of this sweater and the 3/4 length sleeves, but the shape just looks awful on me. Thought I could fix it with a wide belt, but it still isn't working. Time to let some other lucky young lady enjoy it.

If you can tell me why it doesn't look right on me, please do. Always seeking more information to make informed decisions.

Outfits are decided by constraints, so here are the ones I'm dealing with in my new job in Northern CA:
  • I walk 1.25 mi to the train station and back each day to commute, and I have a standing desk. Comfortable shoes are not negotiable.
  • Work is a relaxed dress code, but I'm trying not to wear my quirkiest stuff right out the gate.
  • Evening winds in Millbrae are 15-25 mph, so my clothing needs to protect me from that.

I will probably show mostly weekend outfits, since the constraints above mean my weekday wear (black flats, slacks, a warm jacket, and a hat) is an endless string of Old Chinese Lady Couture. I'm trying to shop for unique pieces that double as work clothes, because I don't want to give into that just yet.

What I am doing is consciously trying to add more color and some prints into my wardrobe! I even bought something YELLOW. (This is huge, for me.)
I am glad to be back in the part of the state I've always felt like home, and I have a solid job at a really good company and I'm doing well, just tired each day. With the commute, I'm gone 10.5-11 hours a day, so quite often I get home, eat a little, shower, then crawl into bed. I don't know how people work crazy work weeks. I am pushed to my limit just doing 40.

I've missed my blogging friends! I would like to work in a little blog entry here and there. Hope we can catch up. <3


  1. Good to see you blogging again! I love the colors and prints in the second picture, you will rock that yellow!!

  2. Welcome to 2015! This is your first post of the year. We've missed you something awful.

    For your triumphant return, you show us an outfit... that doesn't work. I won't harp on its failings 'cause that's not the kinda gal I am, but your assessment of it is accurate. Better luck next time.

    I admire your daily walks. That'll keep you in shape.

  3. Yay, you're back!
    A second yay for all the colors and prints you thrifted! Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate them into your style.

  4. Hi!!! So happy to see you again.

    As for the top, I think it's the length. It hits you in the widest part of your thighs and even with the curved hem, it still widens you a bit. But, that's just my opinion and I really don't know much!

    The green skirt you thrifted is amazing. Can't wait to see it!

    1. I'm glad to see you back, though since I never comment, you didn't know I was here to miss you. But yay! And agreed with Gracey, that green skirt looks amazing!

  5. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was delighted when I logged onto my e-mails this afternoon and found your post!!!

    I would love to know some more about your new job! Hope you find some outfits that will fit into "work wear" but still showcase your style.

  6. There you are! It's really good to see a post from you, hope there will be more to come.
    That tunic... Hmm, I'm not convinced about the colour (I much prefer the brights in the photo of your new clothes!) and the length and curved hem don't seem quite right. But hey, I'm only saying cos you asked, and it certainly isn't a disaster, you could turn up wearing absolutely anything and I'd be happy to see you!
    Work. It gets in the way of a lot of stuff, doesn't it? I'm finding the same since I got a new job, and I only work part-time! Just do what you can, and we'll be delighted to see you around. xxx

  7. I think it may just be the knit. I can't wear anything ribbed or too thin clingy or it just goes wonky on my body. It could just be a matter of material.

    I seriously don't know how people do it. I'm only part time right now and I feel like I never sleep. Unfortunately this job isn't working out, even with the lesser hours. I don't know how people do it!

    Anyway wishing you lots of luck. Hope to see more looks.

  8. How fun to see you blogging again! I totally understand the need for comfy shoes. I remember when Megan discovered Naots...keep an eye out for them in the thrifts. Too spendy to buy full retail.

    My take on why that sweater didn't work is that there isn't enough contrast between your skin and the v-neck, so the eye is drawn away from your face. Adding the high contrast belt makes that the focus. It's a really cool belt! I think when your hair was longer and you wore it down, it might have worked better, because then there'd be a layer of dark framing your face and shoulders.

    So the sweater might work with a big necklace or scarf, or even just adding a dark tee underneath that peeks above the pink. But I think the curved hem isn't right either, not with the dark pants. You get that interesting shape right at, ahem, crotch level, again drawing the eye away from your face. Maybe with a lighter colored skirt? More contrast up top, less at the bottom.

    You have so many interesting clothes, I'm guessing this sweater will work with something. Pink looks great with black and navy and lavender. The question is whether you like it well enough as an individual piece to keep trying? It's not as "Aya" as your more quirky, asymmetric stuff, but could be a good basic warm layer for SF.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you slowly acclimate your officemates to whimsy and steampunk :-)

  9. Doing a little sofa dance because you are back. I actually like the shape of the top and think it is the particular shade of pink that isn't quite working-I think brighter works better for you. I like the belt with the top, though having said that I know I could never wear it myself because anything around my waist makes me so uncomfortable. Louise above has some good points.

    You are sure working and commuting long hours so no wonder you are exhausted. Take good care of yourself. I'm glad you are fitting in some blogging but I've noticed many of us are feeling it's a bit of a struggle and having to cut back. xo