Friday, July 17, 2015

Pinky Dinky Do

Happy Friday, everyone. MOAR PINK. Here are Favourite Joe (thanks for the title, Curtise!) and I after the Fillmore Jazz Festival:
Hoodie tank top: Skinny Minnie (defunct online shop)
Skirt: KOMMOTiON NY (eBay)
Blazer: Heart Moon Star (thrifted)

Flatcap: Goorin Bros. (sample sale)
Mr. Bump t-shirt: UNIQLO (retail)
Green skinny jeans: UNIQLO (retail)
It was above 80F in Millbrae that day with full sunshine, so when we prepared to go to the jazz festival in San Francisco, I foolishly assumed it would be okay to wear light summer clothing.

Tee hee, I'm dumb. It was windy, overcast, and after a few hours it started raining. I guiltily announced I knew of a nearby thrift store and shuffled in there to buy another jacket. (It's gotten a little out of control. The closet is full, so I have a double jacket rack in my bedroom, now. And I love them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll)

I found this lovely pink velour blazer by Heart Moon Star, the same brand that makes my beloved sundress! I really like it. It has a little princess sleeve puffing on the shoulders, it fits beautifully (might move the top button over a quarter inch) and somehow, the sleeves are the correct length.

This brand's fit model is my build. I am definitely keeping an eye out for it, now.

FJ found this t-shirt during a UNIQLO trip to find green jeans. (He live calls soccer games, and the school's colors are green and white.) They only had the shirt in Large, so I finally plugged in my sewing machine and took it in. I was grateful for the impetus! I've also taken to calling him Dr. Bump.
We had a great time at the jazz festival. There were 3 stages set up with various musicians going on all day. They taped sheets of astroturf to the street for picnic style seating. :D

We watched the most awesome elderly frontwoman singing and interacting with the crowd.With a fraction of her confidence and powerful attitude, I feel I could get so far in life. Maybe I can grow up to be like her.

The ethnic breakdown of the attendees interested me. Black folks there looked to be in their 60s-70s, Asian Americans in the 40s and 50s, and white folks of 20s-30s. I wondered if it reflected the changing demographic of the Fillmore neighborhood, because 1) there was a changeover of the Japantown area when the Japanese Americans were interned during WWII, and again when they got out, 2) the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake prompted demolition of a section of freeway that used to divide the Hayes Valley neighborhood from the Van Ness/Civic Center neighborhood, and 3) the large numbers of people moving into the city who are young and in tech. SF is changing so fast.

My brother thinks the attendance reflects the demographics of who listens to jazz music in each age group. Maybe we're both right.


Thank you for your lovely comments after the last post. I thought this place would be empty after I'd been gone for so long. Instead I got welcoming comments and helpful commentary! (I really do appreciate it, by the way. No worries about being rude; we're all friends here and if you think something doesn't work, I love hearing about it.)


  1. Pretty blazer! Thrift-shops rule. Glad you had fun at the concert.

  2. The blazer looks great on you! I agree, thrift stores rule!

  3. Thrift stores are always there in an emergency! You guys look really great. I love events for people watching. I'm sad my mental health hasn't let me go out to as many.

  4. I've missed you! So happy to see you again! Your pink blazer is awesome and so is Jazz. I like going to local jazz performances on Friday nights at a favourite cafe but in my town Jazz rarely attracts anyone under forty. xo

  5. Yea! So glad to see your smiling face again! Love the hair! Cute couple! :)

  6. Well hello, Favourite Joe, long time no see! And it's good to see the two of you out and about enjoying the jazz. And if the heavens dictate a little necessary thrift store purchase, so be it; the pink jacket is perfect, what a great find. Pink and white look so pretty together. xx

  7. So glad that there was a thrift store close by who could "help you out"!!!!

    Cute blazer and even cuter partner ... glad you enjoyed the concert.