Monday, August 10, 2015

Out for Dinner

Do I look unusually florid here? I'm either tanning during my morning scoots to the train station or I need to learn color balance in PS. Or paint that wall.
wait, I figured it out:
 Kimono shirt shell: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind (gift from brother)
Platforms: Candie's (thrifted)
Necklace: family crest (inherited)
Damascene bracelet: eBay

Stepped out for dinner with a dear friend I hadn't seen since I moved back up. Finally wore the shirt shell I thrifted last year when I was visiting for one of Favourite Joe's shows. There's a lot of yellow and bright teal in it, so I was unable to figure out an underlayer until I bought this goldenrod tank top I posted about last month.
This whole 'color' thing is opening up all sorts of new frontiers!

Good to see this outfit looks nice and not over-the-top "HI DID I MENTION MY ANCESTORS CAME FROM JAPAN"


  1. Such a pretty shirt shell! Red looks great on you. Thought of you when I thrifted a purple floral shirt shell the other day ...

  2. I like it! Casually flowy and feminine, and the turquoise pops with the blue of the jeans works well.

  3. Lookin' good! The outfit reminds me of the best of Seventies fashion. Bright, flowy and cute. Oh, and has anyone complimented you on your hair lately? They should!

    1. I hadn't even put all the elements together; flowy sleeves, loose jeans, and platforms. J'adore, thanks Ally!

      I started cutting my hair myself some months ago. I'm glad it's turning out! :D

  4. Yes, it does look good, red is a great colour on you, and the dramatic sleeves and bold print worked beautifully paired with laid back jeans and funky platforms. Lovely! xx

  5. Like I said on twitter, you look gorgeous. Color really works for you. Then again, I'm of the mind that Japanese girls can pull off anything that damn well please! (I live for Japanese street style). Damned glad to see your face again too. I'm trying to get myself back on the 'net.

    1. Tee hee, my brother could tell you some stories. But in general yes, he does think the average level of street fashion he saw there was more 'dressed up' and put together than he sees in the States. More European influence, I think.

      From my brief looks at the mainstream retail when I was there, too many frills for me. I want to know where the street style and original folks in Japan get their goods!

  6. Ah I see the answer to the hair. I cut my own too and usually it's a progressive thing. I really like what you are doing with yours. I also like the flowy feel and seventies vibe of this outfit. You seem like you could kick all the asses of Charlie's Angels while looking fab.