Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It's been so warm! I haven't lived someplace warm in the Bay Area for 10 years. Also megadrought be messing with everything. Trying to adapt my style.

I got this taupe corduroy Ruth skirt taken in, and I'm trying to work out a top for it. The 6 buttons in front are a dusty violet. Hopefully it's cute without being too schoolgirl.
 Top: Cop Copine (thrifted)
Skirt: Ruth (thrifted)
Shoes: Rieker Anti-Stress (thrifted)
Hat: Jeanne Simmons (Distractions on Haight)
Bib necklace: Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Coat: Live a Little (thrifted)

One thing that has expanded my wardrobe options is my sweet new ride. I lost my car in a flash flood last November; I moved my bicycle up here with my stuff in January, then it got stolen within a week.

No more wheels I cannot physically pick up and carry everywhere with me! This little scooter cuts my morning trip to the station in half and more importantly, lets me wear shoes I couldn't walk over a mile in.

People stop and watch me as I go past. Maybe they're wondering at a grown woman scooting by on a child's toy, but they are probably admiring my style. I am quite possibly the most fashionably hatted individual in all Millbrae.
This necklace is so bling. It dances right up to the edge of garish for me, and then stops and demands I love it.


  1. I think the skirt is really cute and not over the top girlish! I also love your necklace, so fun!!

  2. That scooter adds to your panache! Really pretty skirt.

  3. I love the whole look! You are super adorable and quirky. I hope this isn't an insult, because it's one of my favorite movies, but the whole outfit looks like something Penelope might wear (the Christina Ricci movie).

    1. Quite the opposite of insulting to be compared to a cool movie character played by Christina Ricci. :D I'd never heard of Penelope before; I'll have to check it out. Thank you!

  4. No hatin' on the scooter! If it makes your commute easier, rock it, girl. I love the whole look. Echoing Meghan, definitely watch the movie Penelope. I'm still way obsessed over those shoes. I may need to finally break over a buy a pair.

  5. I love this whole look too! What I love even more is the vision of you whizzing by on your scooter in this fantastic outfit. Sorry to hear about your other vehicle problems, but you have the genius solution here. Now I want a scooter!
    The skirt is gorgeous with those buttons, and I laughed about how your necklace dances to the edge of garish. Hahaha.

  6. This look is fantastic! I have the same shoes only in red and they are a favourite and always get compliments. So cute and comfortable. Kezzie commutes on scooter sometimes too. I think it's a great idea. That dancing bling is so pretty. I can't do bling comfortably but there is still some I am quite attracted to and that necklace is definitely doing it for me. I also can't do cute and quirky so I just get my cute-quirky thrills vicariously.

  7. Seems like this is one of my favourite of your looks! Love everything here, especially the coat and the necklace. And yeah, the hat too!