Monday, September 7, 2015

Casual Friday

 It's Casual Friday! (Well, it was Casual Friday)
Parham Elephant Polo shirt: Joules (thrifted)
Shorts: nicole by nicole miller (thrifted)
Socks: Ichiban-kan
Shoes: New Balance
On Fridays, there is a noontime walk/jog around the office park. We get points for participating that we can redeem for company swag. It's one of the activities of the company culture I appreciate. I work with some cool people and I like that we're encouraged to socialize.

Most days I scoot to and from work carrying workout clothes and running shoes, and on alternate Fridays I carry more because I take the train straight to Favourite Joe's part of the Bay. I thought I'd try a Casual Friday outfit to cut down on luggage.
There are so many cool details to this shirt! It might not show up in photos, but the fabric is very heavy. All of the stripes and patches are also thick fabric sewn solidly on, giving the feeling that this shirt really would withstand a fall off a horse. I have always been drawn to patches, and while I hesitated to buy a polo shirt (I wore them all through high school and I've been biased against them ever since) I was sold.

This polo shirt came up in the mens' part of the store when I was thrift shopping with a friend for his new wardrobe. I'd really hoped it would be either his or Favourite Joe's size, but it's clearly a lady shirt. I found a picture on the Internet:
The shirt is clearly pinned in the back on the model. Blah.
I dig the psuedo-laces on the sides of these shorts. They were a great find after a long exasperated attempt to find shorts that weren't either of these two styles:
 Srsly, I have a great relationship with my legs, but I am interested in garments that cover part of them. Just not to the degree that those denim theatre curtains are offering to.
Secret extra preppy with argyle ankle socks
I enjoy branching out and trying different styles, but at the heart of it, shorts, running shoes, and a tank top or t-shirt is the most natural state of the human Aya. If I didn't love playing in my big closet, it would definitely be those things every day for the rest of my life.


Lastly! Thanks so much for your comments (or not commenting, whichever. thanks for checking out the blog) about my stuff that doesn't work. I buy things that I think look cool, and that feel good when I'm wearing them, but my photos give me a pulled-back look that I don't get even in a full length mirror. I put up outfits made out of borderline items because I need another perspective to decide.

The personal style blogger community is a great positive community, but positive doesn't mean you need to avoid being honest. I really appreciate the feedback (and consigned both shirts in the last post to the donation bin.) Cheers!


  1. "Denim theater curtains" made me snort my coffee . . . I was a kid in the 70s, and the world does not need to see gauchos again.

  2. I love your way with words, whether it is denim theatre curtains or the psychotic something something douchebag your referred to on my blog. I too struggle to find good shorts with the right amount of coverage, a good fit and no middle-aged mum look even though I actually am a middle aged mum. I remember when all you could get were those horrid thickly pleated burmuda shorts. Yeah, I wore those in my twenties which is really not fair! Although I am not as fit as you are, I too have muscular, sturdy legs and some shorts styles end up too tight on my thighs and others -the curtain shaped- just make me look even bigger than I am. I am envious of your shorts as you can probably tell! Also, I do the same thing you do with outfits and photos. Sometimes I think oh gawd other bloggers are so colourful and dramatic and I am so dull. Then I remember that you are among my favourites and always have been and you are totally cool without all that drama and colour and I love your clothes. I hope that sounds as complimentary as I mean it to. LOL

  3. Your natural state is very much like my natural state! (Then again, I think a tee and shorts is the default uniform of a Hawaii resident. Switch off the slippers for fancy ones for special occasions or add a hoodie for winter, and you're good to go).
    I really like how that diagonal stripe flatters your figure and echoes the laces on the shorts. I hear ya on the futile hunt for shorts that aren't tent-like or itty-bitty. After an intense hunt for a decent-fitting pair of longer shorts, I found that the i Jeans by Buffalo Bermuda shorts sold by JcPenney fit me pretty well. I liked my denim pair so much, I bought the black version recently.
    The top and shorts are such great thrift finds! I usually don't have the patience to look carefully though the bottoms when I go thrifting, but I might have to start.

  4. You know what? I absolutely love this on you. You look in shape and in control and strong and also still feminine. The top and shorts are absolute winners. I don't wear shorts for the reasons you mentioned - I can never find anything I like. The length and side detailing of these are perfect.

  5. Hey Aya, You look super slick in your casual Friday outfit ... I LOVE the shorts ~ the detail on them is gorgeous.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments, Aya, I was so pleased to meet you. Your outfit is a great choice for a casual Friday, both the top and shorts have great little details and are do flattering on you.

  7. I'm glad you added that piece at the end - I worry sometimes that even when bloggers ask for feedback, they might not necessarily appreciate someone (me) coming along and saying, nah, get rid of it. I definitely found that the process of taking photos and selecting the ones to go on the blog made me look at outfits and my shape in a different way. You do get a different perspective from just looking in a mirror, although I'm not quite sure why - maybe we hold ourselves differently when we look in a mirror, and choose a flattering angle/stance?
    Anyway, I guess all of us are looking to find a balance which works for us between function, comfort, style and affordability, and those of us who blog take the extra step of sharing those efforts with people outside our usual Real Life circles. Which takes some guts, and I'd hate to think my opinions might make anyone feel bad. I'm relieved - can you tell?!
    You really suit this sporty style - and if it's not being too personal, look at your shapely little behind! I'm envious! xxx

  8. Haha, you are so right about shorts! And how lucky you are to find the right ones after all. Seems like a very comfy sporty look and those little details on the top and the shorts add more interest to it.

  9. Great shorts! They're flattering and I really love the side detail.

  10. Hey, you! I'm thrilled to see you working in a place you love! Very athleisure-chic looking ... adorable, pretty much all over ... socks are the best though!
    When did you cut your hair? Fabulous!!!