Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cheat Codes

Old post! Had these pics for a while, then entered a period of four weeks in which I hadn't enough energy to cook, clean, or even eat regularly. I must be feeling better because now I'm overwhelmingly pissed off at the shambles my life is. Dr. appt. on Thursday. Onward!

The recent months of warm weather plus scooting to and from the train station have left me looking for things that are office friendly, cool, don't show wet patches, and are machine washable.

Enter dresses: the cheat code of the lady wardrobe!
Long cloak hoodie: Prairie Underground (online)
Dayflower lace dress: Maeve (thrifted)
Necklace: Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Shoes: Rieker Anti-stress (thrifted)
I've been 10 years in the Bay Area, and it's the first time I've lived someplace warm enough to deploy these. As for why I owned sundresses while living in the land of Never-Summer, I have as much clue as you.
I discovered a thrift shop a few miles down the road that benefits the peninsula SPCA and Humane Society. It's packed and labyrinthine, with a middle-aged to elderly customer base, so they have interesting furniture, some vintage hats, and housewares.

I didn't expect to find much in clothing, but this pretty dress was hanging prominently on a wire rack just beyond the tight squeeze through the furniture and picture frames. The color is paler than I prefer, but its modern stretchy material means my shoulders and chest comfortably fit into the same garment as my waist. FTW!

I really like the look of lace over a solid color. I'm tempted to see if putting a layer of dark material under the lace cutout would look all right, because I want to show it off more.
I also found some True Religion jeans of a mysterious color there:
You may notice in a string of seasonal pictures that my hair is sticking up a lot. I've given up on using product to tame it because by the time I get to the train, the exercise has made it all moot, anyway. Honestly it's been so warm this summer I'm tempted to bring a change of clothes and shower again when I get to the office (there is a gym in the office park.)

I've been wearing a lot of hats this week, and it turns out that some of the folks in the office *love* hats. I am going to try to recruit them into going to the next Goorin Bros. sample sale. That's about it from me. Tired all the damn time. Don't like how the photos are turning out on my porch.


  1. I was going to say the dress is pretty but my reaction goes further -- YOU look pretty in this dress. It's like your Inner Girl is surfacing. What a surprising contrast to your normal style.

    I understand how, in youth, we don unusual styles to express/protect our growing personas. I did, so please don't think I'm being critical. I'm curious how you will dress in 10-15 years. I suspect you'll shed some of your current bohemian look and become more overtly feminine. You certainly have the tools for that. You could and might become a stunning beauty (in terms of presentation; you already are in terms of natural appearance).

    (P.S., I hope this candor and speculation doesn't offend you. Just thinking out loud.)

    1. Ally, only you would check in and make sure you hadn't caused offense by calling someone beautiful and feminine. :D

      I've definitely noticed I'm no longer into my goth and punk items as much in the last handful of years. Maybe it has something to do with being older and more patient and less angry. Too tired to be angry, hah!

      I love your in depth and personal comments. Keep 'em coming as long as you like!

    2. Or you could be like me and do it all backwards, and test out goth and bohemian when you are in your forties. Ally is right though-you are beautiful and I think the reason you look great in your tougher clothing is because you balance it by still looking strikingly beautiful in them. In a you could totally kick my ass kind of way, of course.

  2. This is so pretty - the dress is lovely and I love the necklace!

  3. Well, you've got to know that my solution for your sticking-up hair is to let it stick up and go wild, free style. But probably getting it cut a bit shorter would work better with this idea, especially in an office environment. Just a thought. No maintenance.
    I love your dress - it looks beautiful on you. And the added boldness of your maxi cloak hoodie keeps it fantastically interesting. Great finds, both the dress and the jeans.

  4. Love that cloak hoodie and the necklace is gorgeous.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!


  5. I love the dress but it looks like one that I bought and returned from Anthro a few years ago... so let me tell you a cautionary tale! This dress (mine, also Maeve and looked very similar) was labeled machine wash, lay flat to dry. So I machine washed it and lay it semi-flat over a drying rack, but I didn't have space to dry a dress fully flat. After just the first wash, the inside lining shrunk several inches, and because of how the dress is designed it's obviously visible while wearing that the lining is too short.

    Your dress may not be the same one, you might be better at laundry at me, and you're certainly better at self-alterations (I could have taken the dress to have the outer layer hemmed up, but I was afraid of further shrinkage and expense). Moreover, since it's thrifted, maybe the previous owner has already washed without incident. But a warning couldn't hurt...

    1. Oh, thank you so much for the heads-up! It sounds like it's the very same dress.

      I'll keep an eye out for it when I wash it. I hang dry all of my things, but I'll take care to lay this one flat.

  6. I completely agree with the theory that dresses are the easy dressing option - it's true, just one piece and you're done! Especially in warm weather, when fussing with layers and waistbands is NOT what you want...You look lovely, and the dress is very pretty. Keep checking out that thrift shop - there will be more dresses which fit the bill, I'm sure! xxx

  7. Dresses are an easy dressing option but a difficult fit so I relate to the joy of finding one that works. I really love the long hoodie topper too! I was looking at your wish list in the side bar. I too am looking for a tweed jacket, navy and brown leggings-very difficult to find though navy easier than brown, and I always have fingerless gloves on hand but usually cut the tips of regular gloves. I'd be thrilled to find a real pair of leather ones. Clearly we can't go shopping together or we'd fight over stuff! xoxo

    1. Hah! That'd be awesome. Now that you mention it, I think you are the style blogger who dresses the most like me I have ever found!

  8. This is another pretty dress! How great it is that now you have possibility to wear all those lovely sundresses. Love the necklace, it's beautiful.