Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coming Up Long

Go go gadget A-line! More summer dresses from the land of photos past! This is another of those rare good fits through chest and waist that means I'll be holding onto this forever. The secret is to be a quarter spandex and elastic around the back.
I eschew white everywhere but socks and cool summer things, evidently.
 Dress: RŨBY (thrifted)
Cropped cardigan: bp (thrifted)
Shoes: Rieker anti-stress (thrifted)
The tag says RŨBY, but I think it is Charlotte Russe because the care tag has the number 101331 on it, and that's the RN for that retailer. Also: made in USA! Double cool points!

My summer dresses flare out at my natural waist, while my trousers are mid to low rise, so that means my massive jacket collection is of no use because they are all too long. Argh! Maybe I should start chopping the bottoms off of them like Mel of Bag and a Beret.
This dress wants a cropped sweater or jacket and some shoes in a deep saturated color to set off the flowers and white fabric, I think. I've been looking for deep green, red, and blue things for some time and they're so hard to find!

Have jewel tones been on the outs for several years? Do people who wear jewel tones choose their items carefully and never donate them? Are there a bunch of mid-30s Asian women out there snatching them all up in the thrift stores before I get there? If so, can I hang out with them and swap clothes?

It doesn't help that a lot of shrugs I see sold online are so short they look like a pair of sleeves sewn together in the back so you don't lose one. Anybody have any suggestions on where to look? (Update: I found a navy one while thrifting! September thrifting round-up possibly next post. Suggestions still welcomed.)


  1. I've had good luck finding decent shrugs/shorter sweaters in all colors at Steinmart. There aren't many in California, though. I think the closest one to you might be in Milpitas. I admit that mostly I buy them on eBay, since it's tricky to get to any store from our boat.

  2. Ah, thrifting, it's the luck of the draw, as you know. But don't worry, when it rains it pours and you'll find your jewel tones yet.
    This is a beautiful dress. You wear it so well, with and without the cute cropped sweater. As for jackets, the chopping idea is great, especially for really cheap thrifted stuff so you don't feel bad if it doesn't go to plan. Heh. Or that's been my MO. It's not hard to do! Thanks for the shout-out.

  3. Such a pretty little dress! Honestly, I love how it looks on its own, without any shrug. But I realize that such an open dress requires a light cardi or a shrug over it in some situations.

  4. So pretty - you and the dress! You'll find the little cropped cardigans you want eventually, I am a firm believer that in the end, you find what you need! xxx

  5. Love that dress.

    I agree with Mel, when we're not actively seeking something is when we normally find it while thrifting.


  6. That's a great dress. It's very flattering and I love the fabric pattern.

    I think I got some of the jewel tone garments at the thrift stores. But then I also have given some back to thrift stores recently. :)

  7. I love the way you styled that pretty floral print dress!
    It looks fabulous styled with the cropped red cardigan!

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