Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I5 South

I'm back! I missed all of you.
Leather jacket: Laundry by Shelli Segal (gift from Mom)
Grey v-neck: Express (thrifted)
Pinstripe skirt: Club Monaco (thrifted)
Lark ankle boots: Naya (eBay)
Pewter enamel necklace: unknown (thrifted)
Moving has imposed an interesting set of constraints: I'm in Southern CA now, but there's very little room in my mother's house for any of my things, much less a one bedroom apartment of stuff, even after selling my furniture.

... also, the closet of the room I'm staying in is filled with my brother's clothes, and he refuses to move them. -_-

So here's a go-to outfit I threw together out of what was available while I was driving up and down the state. 
I thrifted the Express shirt ages ago, because I really liked the side ties and the subtle silver and grey floral print. I think it's going in the donation box because the elastic cap sleeves were not designed with someone of my shoulder girth in mind, and the rounded ruched waistline in front doesn't do my build --wide-waisted in front and narrower in profile-- any favors.
Still, I liked it because it showed off the cool buckles on this Club Monaco pinstripe skirt. Most of my other shirts are too long and would leave the pseudo belt (it runs through a loop in the back and buckles above the front pockets) as a funny-looking series of lumps.

I am glad I went out on a limb (for me, anyway) and purchased this pewter, rhinestone, and enamel floral necklace at the thrift shop before I left. I needed more short necklaces, and though I was worried the colors were too bold/garish, I decided I needed more obvious colors in my world of dark neutrals.

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