Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Riders of Rohandmade

This dress looks like something a shieldmaiden would wear:
Dress: handmade (thrifted)
Sandals: Eastland Shoe
Necklace: gift
Bracelet: Paris
Ring: defunct Etsy shop

I overexposed myself (ha) to show the panels and the stitching on the dress that gave me this impression :
It appears to be handmade, fully lined, and made for someone almost my size, save the chest is too small so I feel like this:
I can't wait to have my own place where I'll have room to set up my sewing machine to let this out. There appears to be more than enough seam allowance.

How does one accessorize when preoccupied by thoughts of leaving Rohan and winning glory (and mebbe the heart of Aragorn) in battle?

A Celtic knot necklace, which was a gift from a friend for my 16th birthday:
A brass bangle that has a metal BB inside, so the chiming strikes fear into the heart of mine enemies:
And a silver ring of leaves! Looked very Tolkien-appropriate. Pardon the funky knuckles; we've been doing bagwork on Fridays and I'm not great at wrapping with my off hand yet.
Certain cuts of clothing, prints, or details can be really evocative. This is an extreme example. I know when I pulled this from the thrift rack in SF, I exclaimed the first line of this post aloud. Do you have any clothes that evoke a certain time period, genre, or character for you?


  1. LOVE this dress on you! I have a few items of clothing that scream 60's to me, but that's about it for a time period or genre.

  2. This dress looks great on you, but I can see what you mean about the shield bit. It is the shoulder straps on the one side.

    I'm a sucker for vintage from pre 1970's. I'm wearing some today on the blog that screams 1940's and I love it. Probably the 1950's are my all time favourite though.


  3. Great dress. And your hair is looking especially cute lately. I love bangles but can't get any over my ginormous man-hands.

  4. Fantastic dress, very warrior maiden. The accessories are a perfect compliment. I have a pair of ass-kicking boots that make me feel invincible. I'm pretty certain my gate changes when I wear them.

  5. Love this, thanks for the over-exposure to show us the detail. Perfect jewellery too.
    I love all my late 1960s/early 1970s maxis, they remind me of my childhood and longing to dress like my oldest sister, all lurex and hats and platform shoes and long dresses! xxx

  6. I love the asymmetry of your dress and the fit is beautiful. I wouldn't have known by the outfit photo that you feel squished. I laughed at the balloon!
    Always I am inspired by time periods and characters. Your story here, with all its vibrant details, brings everything alive.

  7. What a stunner of a dress - it does look like it was made for you!