Monday, November 3, 2014

20 Buttons

All these style blogs I see gals looking to the side instead of at the camera. I'ma try that shit, too:
Sailor buttons!
Military blazer: Bica Cheia (thrifted)
Camisole: Express
Sailor pants: Elevenses (thrifted)
Shoes: unlisted a Kenneth Cole production (thrifted)
Locket: Express (v. old)
Rings: Claire's, Brasil (v. old)

I've been wanting a pair of sailor-style trousers since I saw Megan Mae rocking them on her blog. I cackled when I found this like-new pair on the thrift rack in Daly City, and even though they were the wrong size, I factored in the tailoring cost as what I'd be willing to pay for a pair.
Goodness knows what to wear with them, though. They're higher waisted than I'm used to, and finally I hit on the idea of wearing them with this blazer, which also stops close to the natural waist. After all, what goes with 8 buttons better than 12 more buttons, amirite?

I always think this blazer has a hint of lavender in its grey. Am I crazy? Do you see it? I wore things to bring it out in case I was correct.

It's cooled off in a damn hurry here, and we even had a few seconds of rain! I feel kind of like a boor, always talking about the weather, but it really affects my outfit choices, just as much as my mood. I wondered if I'd just lost my passion for dressing for a few months there, but it's just because none of my SF clothes were made to be worn when it's more than 65F outside. :D


  1. LOVE! The pants look amazing on you! I am a sucker for buttons too. And I see the side look too and I've tried it before but sometimes I feel like I end up looking silly - like what is she looking for exactly?

    1. Hahaha, me too. I think it looks pretty on other folks, but I also end up thinking, "Why are you smiling flirtatiously at your own purse?"

  2. That jacket really reminds me of the Beatles Sgt Pepper album.

    I rarely look at the camera.


  3. I adore buttons on pants and shorts; they're so cute. I've experimented with looking away from the camera but, when I do, it looks stupid. Like I don't know what I'm doing. You, however, look like a professional model who's just noticed that her assistant came back with her PSL.

  4. Those trousers look great, I like a high waist, and the jacket is the perfect accompaniment.
    I always prefer photos of me looking off to the side; straight on, I seem to look arsey and confrontational, all "what the hell are YOU looking at?" It would help if I could smile to order... but I can't!
    That first photo is lovely. xxx

  5. I often look to the side because if I look straight on I look stunned. I like you both ways, head-on and sideways.
    We are definitely mind-melding here - my latest post has pants almost the same as yours. Anything sailor tailored is a favourite. And the big-button jacket with these is perfect.

  6. Nice trousers and they really look great with this jacket. Love the floral ring, looks so pretty and delicate. I do side-way shoots sometimes but still I prefer to look straight in the camera.

  7. Yes, you are absolutely right, more buttons! I find that I sometimes get a really goofy grin on my face if I look straight into the camera so I look off to the side to avoid that. Other times I've just been distracted by a bird or a squirrel.

  8. SAILOR PANTS!!!! I love 'em too, can you tell? Except if I wanted them, I would have to buy them new (probably online). I am so jealous of the wide availability of thrift stores you seem to have in the U.S. Where I live, in Italy, I can only find very few tiny little shops with a very limited selection of clothes and sizes. I dream of the warehouse-like stores I've seen in California, or the Ross Dress for Less I shopped at once in San Francisco, with its entire rack of size 14 dresses. Sigh.

    1. It's true, the urban areas of the US have great thrift shops.

      Interesting that you mention Ross! The big bargain stores where a number of brands all mingle is what got me started on thrift shopping, I think. I liked Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls more than small clothing stores because it was like a treasure hunt and more selection meant more likely to find something for my different tastes. (:

      If you shop online, don't discount eBay or other used clothing sites. It's a pain not being able to try things on, but if you find sellers who accept returns, the savings may be worth the shipping costs.

    2. I have found some nice things on eBay occasionally (although most of them were still fairly pricey). I really like the experience of browsing through physical racks of clothes, though, especially in thrift stores where I also get that treasure-hunt feeling you mentioned. Online thrift shopping doesn't quite fill that gap. :)

      On the plus side, I seem to have found a large-ish consignment store in my area -- nowhere near as large as an American store of course, but it has a couple rooms full of clothing with at least a few items in my size or larger, plus they stock all kinds of other stuff, so yay for that!

  9. I love trousers like that! I could never pull them off. I'm VERY busty so my boobs would hit right at the waistband. I would be just boobs and pants! HA!