Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September Thrift Round-up

It's only halfway through October! I've only experienced 8 train delays this month so far*! Time for a round-up of my thrift purchases last month.

Stop 1: the flea market at De Anza College

Indonesian wide leather belt $5

I don't think this cool flower belt had ever been worn. There were black threads still on it that appear to have been from a tag, and the leather isn't bent or broken in. I am looking for a plain saturated dress in a nice deep green or blue, as I think this would look killer over one.

Dana Ashkenazi sweatshirt $1

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with the sweatshirt. I got it because I like the reverse exposed seams, and quartering on the front like a shield.

I am not gonna sport Che Guevara on my left boob, though. Time for some sort of patch. And I don't know what's up with the Charlie Chaplin graphic on there either, but all signs point to me not being young-hip-urban-blonde-trustfund enough to wear this brand:
Go on and Google image it yourself. It goes on. Haha!
Dear gawd it's so comfortable, though. I've always wanted an IDGaF shirt to pull on over broken-in IDGaF jeans, that would make me look good while clearly still not GaF. I've tried a few (in my head they must be grey, a traditionally underwear and therefore IDGaF color) and it's never worked out. I think this may be the one.

Not pictured is a sheer green top I bought from the same lady that sold me the sweatshirt, also for $1. It took me 20 minutes to untangle, so it was worth the money for the entertainment, but for all the promise that the different panels and wrappy bits and pointy hem promised, it was disappointingly symmetrical and makes me look like a squat tube.

Munro American navy and brown flats $10 
More work shoes! The color scheme of these reminded me of my beloved Naya Lightning boots:
...whose heels are not suitable for scootering to and fro and standing all day at a desk.

Stop 2: ARF (pet benefit thrift shop)

Tahari silk and cotton cropped cardigan $2.50

I call the color Dusty Burga-roon. Pictured here with my skunkfunk skirt I can never get to go with anything for love or money. I'm playing with color triads now. (No, not Triads.)

NYDJ straight leg cut, $2.50 each

I'm trying more straight leg jeans to see if they don't make me look unhappy sausage-like in the way that skinny jeans do. I don't know what to call the color of the pair on the left other than Lake Bottom. Not romantic-sounding, but a cool slightly unusual dark neutral to try with things. I want a set of Pantone color chips like Anne of Spy Girl has so I can know the names of all of these new colors I'm adding to the wardrobe.
akdmcs capris $1.50

Never thought I'd buy capris, but herringbone denim, embroidery, and cool snaps and zippers are enough to sell me on anything, apparently! I also live in an environment in which I would not freeze the lower half of my calves off wearing them, so now's the time to experiment.

motherhood maternity navy shrug $2.50

I was just talking about looking for one of these in my last post, and I found one not long after! It's not my first piece of maternity clothing, though I don't know what's maternity about a shrug. I guess it's like a plus size brand making scarves. Why not make it a one-stop shop for your demographic?
mod-o-doc striped v-neck $2.50

Way out of my comfort zone. Stripes?! Bright colors? No blue? I want this to go with something deep green. The same deep green that I've been looking for in thrift stores for months.

White silk hair clip $1

This bow is half the size of my face. I love that.

Trinkets for my front windowsill $2 each

These two actually came from the Goodwill and Salvation Army. Favourite Joe says the textured glass globe on the left is Pluto. My apartment has a large window looking out on the porch and courtyard, so I've put some pretty things on it to catch the afternoon light.

Total spent on clothes in September comes to a little over $30! Hooray for making budget!

Man, this post got long. I thrift a lot. I think I will break my round-ups into two from now on.

* This isn't enthusiasm. This is inner screaming.


  1. What a unique belt! Looking forward to seeing you wear it. I am also looking forward to seeing you rock the gigantic bow, Aya-style!

  2. You have great taste and pick cool stuff. The belt is amazing. I also shop in the maternity section after getting over my fear that doing so is weird. Clothes are clothes and sometimes there are good pieces there.

  3. You have such a great way with words. Lake Bottom as a colour, and squat tube. I love the stuff you found - especially that last colourful striped top. Me too, I'd rather have Chaplin on my chest than Che. Probably Chaplin would enjoy being on your chest more than Che, but maybe not. Can you wear it inside out?

  4. Of COURSE you can wear Che on your left boob, and Charlie Chaplin on the right - why not? I love that you're getting some colour and stripes going on too!
    I thought of you last week, I found chartreuse-y green and purple short-sleeved cropped cardigans, I see them all the time!
    Your window looks beautifully bright and sunny, and FJ is right - that's definitely Pluto. xxx

  5. You found some great looking items! I love blue, brown and gray, I really do, and for a long time I felt I should not wear them because DULL but now I do not GaF. They are my comfortable colours. I love dusty pinks and purples too, and am myself just venturing into stripes. My stripes are a two tone blue on one item and gray and cream on another so not as bold as yours. Envy the coloured pants. They never seem to make coloured pants that fit me, but speaking of sexy thighs, I really like a straight cut. The modern ones seem to be figure flattering like skinnies but don't taper at the ankle as much so it balances out my shape. I'm keen to try NYDJ but the ones I found locally are short. I need a 34 inch leg, can get away with 33 if it isn't going to shrink at all and tapers a bit. The purple/pink tops look really good with the green skirt. I'd say that green seems to have a bit of a yellow undertone so I'd expect some blues to look good with it too. The belt, with that caramel coloured leather, reads a bit orange so it would look fantastic with blue or green and I would also pair it with a charcoal gray or plum/burgundy/maroon sort of colour.

    Love your window ornaments too. I fall for coloured glass and oddball bits of pottery when I am at thrift shops.

    Thanks for you offer about the silk pyjamas. I'd be worried about them being coulottes on me-lol-but if you find a pair that are roughly equal to a size 10 and are long I'd be very tempted.