Monday, December 30, 2013

Ozz Oneste dress

  I'm headed home today! Drop-kicking a quick post out of my new OzzOn dress onto the Internet before I go. :D
Dress: Ozz Oneste (Japan, gift from Mom)
Skirt: For Joseph (borrowed from Mom)
Boots: ALDO (thrifted)

  SoCal sun sure takes some getting used to, photographing-wise! You can see details of the Ozz Oneste black dress, though I'm a little blown out. Still, this feels like a highly visible dress, so I'm linking to Patti's Visible Monday!
Here's a look at the skirt I borrowed to wear under the dress, since there are areas where it's cut really high:
  I feel very badass in it, though going out and people-watching while down here has made me realize my personal style is quite unlike anybody else I've seen in California's. I kind of live in a little bubble in San Francisco, where anything goes. :D Still, I got lots of compliments on my coat and boots, even here in conservative wealthy Orange County. I like to think I'm setting a precedent.

  What informs your personal style? Is it lifestyle, personality, geographical location, or other things?


  1. Happy to see that dress Aya- What a beauty! Truly original, no wonder everybody is looking at you which is good cause everybody looks like everybody - I never understood that concept -
    I'm known for my style that's for sure- Even when i was in SF i was looked at a lot and it surprised me because like you said i thought anything would go in SF - But i guess it depends where you are at in the city?

    Happy New Year Aya



  2. Love this dress - yes, badass - but a very lovely one. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Such an awesome dress!

  4. It's so weird, I always think of California as being a place where anything goes since so many dream factories, aka movie studios, are down there. Go figure. I'm sure you're changing the scene around you as you stroll past. The detailing on this dress is simply stunning, especially the back.

  5. Gah! I so love that dress/tunic/top (can you really call it a dress if you always have to wear something under it?) - it is just stunning on you, Aya!

    I get looked at a lot in little ol' conservative Victoria (a lot of the side-eye), but I dress in things that make me feel happy, mostly. I don't think I would wear a dress like this one to work, but I would certainly wear it for a night on the town! Love it so much.

  6. Whoa! Amazeballs. Terrific style, great colors and perfectly suited for you. Wow.

    Happy New Year. Looks like you're primed to start it off right!

  7. Badass. Yes. It is! And I've never seen badass look so pretty and sleek! Little underdress is perfect.
    Really interesting question you left us with, Aya. I'm humiliated to say that I dress the way I do largely to differentiate myself from local natives. I really want people to understand instantly that I do NOT come from here. Not the highest or most creative rationale, but it's the truth.
    I also dress with what is available to me here in MidNowhere, on our budget... tight,squeeky and pitiful.
    Have a wonderful and very happy 2014 ... I insist on it!

  8. Love the under-skirt solution to the high-cut dress hem! And the lace-up back is very reminiscent of Madonna in the Gaultier bustier. Definitely post on Visible Monday, since it's a killah look! Happy 2014
    Jean & Valerie, The idiosyncratic Fashionistas

  9. Ooh yes, badass and beautiful! Love the detail at the back, and I imagine it looking good over black skinnies too. Or shorts and boots. Leather trousers! Getting carried away with rock chick ideas now!
    I think I like to look a little different from the crowd, it's a conscious decision, and I am drawn to vintage because it's cheaper and more unusual/individual than high street clothing. I am used to being looked at, I don't mind!
    Happy new year, safe journey home. xxx

  10. Whoa girl that dress is freaking AMAZING!!! I love it!! You really have such a cool and unique style/eye

  11. What a beautiful dress! So many details and such an interesting design! I would not guess you wore a skirt underneath, it looks like a part of the dress.

  12. I sometimes think I'm living in a blog bubble, because I get used to seeing a lot more interesting outfits and some trends that aren't out there in my town. I wish there were more mature women in Doc Marten's and funky haircuts!

    Your dress is gorgeous, and adding the skirt layer is just a bonus. Cool outfit with those boots!

  13. You look like a super hero. WOW. If I ever meet you, I want to knock you over and try that dress on. I mean, hug you and squish you and tell you how much I adore you. Yep.