Sunday, December 29, 2013

Subtle Copper

  Today's long gloves are from my new Christmas stash and I'm linking to Spygirl's 52 Pick-me-up challenge: Mixed metallics.

  I own two metallic things in my wardrobe. These here be one of 'em:
Sweater: Gap (thrifted)
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind (gift from brother)
Gloves: Ozz Angelo (gift from Mom)
Boots: ALDO (thrifted)
  The birds and accents are copper, instead of gold, as I thought from the photo. It was too warm in SoCal to wear the double-layer wrap (leading me as always to question my wisdom in moving away), but I'm sure to wear it as soon as I'm back home. Here's a photo of the grey and teal version, from the OzzOn Japan website:
  To make sure I qualified for the challenge I wore a mixed metal earring I piked fromfound in my mother's jewelry box to contrast with my cartilage ring.
  We're having a heat wave down here, and it's been as high as 80 degrees some days. I brought SF summer clothes down and they are too much. Haha. It's so nice, even if my mother's deathly afraid of getting a suntan in winter. (Pantene commercial moment: Don't hate me because I'm warm.) I hope you all are staying toasty where you are!


  1. Mmm... ahhh... love the gloves! Gloves are a fun way to add dramatic interest to an outfit. I own two pairs, one edgy in black ( ) and another in girly pink ( ). Yours are superb.

  2. Unfortunately (for me), the gloves remind me of my GD lymphedema sleeve. (Which I am wearing right now because I'm hauling art out of storage. Plus, as you say, it's WARM in soCal!) My 52 Pick-me-up challenge, running two weeks this time, has become ANYTHING shiny. I'm suddenly finding MANY SHINY OBJECTS around my home and it's VERY distracting!
    Loving all of your shiny bits -- well played!

    How long are you down here? Maybe we could do a meet-up!!!!!
    There's a fab Chinese place in Alhambra (well, one of many I'm sure. My Chinese art framer gets his dim sum there). At dinner only, they serve a warm almond soup that I love so much. It's not a good place to go solo, but with at least two, it's YUM! It's "on the way home" from work and I'll be working Mon, Tues, + Thurs this week. Possible?

    This is great: "Pantene commercial moment: Don't hate me because I'm warm." All my East Coast friends hate me. And I imagine we'll get a new batch of people moving here from Michigan -- the ones that are here for the Rose Bowl, experiencing this amazing weather.

    1. Ooh! I'm heading back home on Monday- by any chance are you free for lunch? If not, I'll be sure to ping you ahead of time the next time I'm headed down! I'm all graduated and things now, so I'll be down here more often in 2014.

  3. Those gloves are all drama and you wear them perfectly. Excellent gift. I'm so jealous that you and Anne are planning a real-life link-up.

  4. How lovely! The bird design is so subtle and dainty too!

  5. I do really hate you 'cause you're warm! And standing in sunshine. Do not forget that part. What offensive behavior. How could you do that to me? Gawd, some peeps are sooooo oblivious!

    Your bro is an excellent gift-giver. I'd keep