Thursday, December 5, 2013

Style or Die! challenge: lavender peajacket

  Blogging has finally given me something to appreciate about overcast days: no lighting issues!
Lavender peacoat: Old Navy (eBay)
Sweater tunic: Guess (thrifted)
Wine jeggings: American Apparel (thrifted)
Boots: Fitzwell (, old)

  I'm calling this thing a peajacket, because the definition in my mind of a coat is something longer than this.

  I built this outfit organically, starting with a memory of my last trip to Japan. I noticed while I was there, that even illiterate, and with no idea of the fashion, I could instantly tell which shops were for youthful girls/women and which were for older women.

  It was then that I started thinking about sexy vs. pretty and vs. practicality and how they can be different priorities when dressing depending on one's age. I'll admit the need to dress sexy and form-fitting definitely influences what I wear. I wonder how that will change as time goes on.
  In Japan, it's really not a cleavage culture at all. I noticed how much America is when I got back. Instead, the younger women there wear extremely short miniskirts, high boots, and short down coats. It's freezing there, and they're still flashing inches of upper thigh. Same signaling, different secondary sexual characteristic. It was then I realized I was wearing an older woman's coat, borrowed from my mother, that came down over my knees. My butt was very warm, and I had no regrets.

  Since this is a short fall/winter jacket, I borrowed a page from Japan and paired it with a scandalously short tunic/sweater dress.
  ... of course after I was dressed I realized it's like my sort-of-Crusader outfit, and the same colors again as this outfit, down to the lavender outerwear. Oh no! I've become predictable.

  It's because blue and maroon are two of my favorite colors, and for some reason it's relatively easy here to find wine, maroon, and burgundy things for the lower half while I almost never see shirts in the shades I like.

  The jacket hits me not at the most flattering spot, since I emphasize the curve of the lower back because my muscles on the lower half are so big (thanks, wushu!) but I don't mind this look. I will keep the jacket and try it with more short skirt looks.

  Also, these boot calves are huge on me. I didn't realize when I ordered it that the boot shaft would be extra wide, as well. I am thinking of altering them to be low boots for a more casual look. I folded one down to get an idea. What do you think?


  1. I am loving the whole outfit! That pea-jacket is a very pretty shade. Lol! Yes, I feel that in my area (Michigan), a lot of older women are more apt to show cleavage, where the younger girls are all about legs. It is super tight skinny jeans, short dresses & skirts in my area.

    Re:Your question, I just started insanity this week, so I am hoping that is a good balance of cardio and strength. I am so sore!

  2. PS-The boot does look cute folded down like that. Even cuter with the socks showing a bit! I say go for it.

  3. I do like the boots folded down with the socks peaking out. I love the buckles on the boots too.

    That lilac colour is so pretty when paired with the grey and so unexpected for winter.


  4. I love that lavender pea jacket. The colour is startling in its difference, in the best possible way. You look great with the tunic under it. If folding the boots down means you'll wear them more, do it. They look great and it would be a shame not to give them more air time.

  5. Awww totally cute coat. Also re: boots - totally awesome idea. I once had a pair of boots altered. It was hard to find someone willing to do it, but if you're confident in your abilities - go for it!

  6. I never knew you could alter boots but think it is a very good idea and a great way to salvage a pricey boot purchase!

    Heh. I've noticed the whole American obsession with cleavage, having none of my own my whole entire life. I've also noticed the super short dresses and skirts currently in style on much younger women here, especially having two daughters still in high school and living in a hospital attached to a college campus. I like shorter skirts, because well I'm short and my legs are still pretty good, but I guess I do think I might, to use a vintage turn of phrase, make a spectacle out of myself if I tried to wear a skirt that barely skimmed my derriere.