Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Style or Die! challenge: miken moto cardigan

  First off, I have a guest post up over at Bethie the Boo's blog! She is celebrating the birth of her son and taking a well-deserved break, so I did a post on the virtues of maternity clothing even when you're not pregnant! (modeled by yours truly. :D)

  Ok, for this last challenge item folks, I am seriously up in the air.
Moto cardigan: miken (TJ Maxx, old)
Leather jacket: Karen Millen (old)
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind dojo cut (gift)
   I got this thing to layer under my Karen Millen jacket for added warmth during summer weather, back when I attended the windiest, foggiest campus on Earth.

  Thing with moto/biker cut things are, they usually can't be worn open, because they have that double flap and asymmetrical zip, so they hang funny. So I'd have to wear this as a shirt. And as a shirt, it is not very flattering to my waistline:
   The ruffles hide the waist indent, so the outside sees my large quads without context. Hah! Doesn't look too bad, it's a good plain item for everyday, but it doesn't look flattering, either. So I ask you folks to weigh in, if you have an opinion! Keep, or donate?

  Either way it falls, this has been a very useful challenge, though I am looking forward to putting together my wacky outfits with more freedom again. I'll have a post up in the next week or two with stuff I'm weeding from my closet. If you covet any item I'm getting rid of, let me know and I can try to divvy 'em up and send them out. Here's my idea:

  If you like the item I send you, you can donate a small sum to a charity or a person in need! This is totally voluntary, and if you are not in a financial place to do so, of course it's understandable not to. It's been a rough year for many of us! I'm doing this clothes thing because I'd like to send out a little cheer. :D

  All items that don't get claimed I'll donate to WEAVE in Sacramento when I next visit my family, which is a thrift shop for Women Escaping A Violent Environment. Services include help for LGBTQ persons, teens, military, mothers, and more.
  December sure came quickly! I've felt increasingly lucky and happy all fall and into winter. I gained all the weight I lost to stress back, my kidney is okay, and I have enough money to last out the few weeks of this semester until I graduate. I am finally, after 3.5 years, not stressing the hell out about money all of the time and it is such a relief. It eats so much of your energy, that sort of stress.

  In the new year I am moving back to my hometown to save money while I wait to hear from graduate schools, and maybe picking up a new part time job (or two. or three.) I haven't given much to charity since I've been running myself into the ground with school, so maybe I can look into that as well. :D

  I hope that you all are safe and warm this winter. Thank you all for reading; this blog has definitely been one of the highlights of my 2013!


  1. Yeah I say ditch it!! It's not fantastic on you and the color is blah for you (my daughter is Korean so I'm really familiar with Asian coloring and what looks good--I'd KILL for it)
    Glad to hear you are feeling better and graduation is soon to be hear!! I read you regularly even if i'm not commenting (I read blogs from my kindle and it's craptastic to comment with!!)

  2. I kind of like this piece. I can see though that it would need to be done up all the time.

    Hope you have an easy move back home. Moving is always so stressful.


  3. I like this piece. When I see it from the side I still see a slim silhouette and know that it's the jacket, not you, that's ruffled. Having said that...I don't wear ruffles like this for the same reason! I would rip those ruffles off if it's worth the time. I do like the jacket. Mixed messages?... I liked your piece at Bethie the Boo's.

  4. Boy, you're floating ALL around the blogosphere! How nice.

    I'd love to shop your closet. Mostly for sentimental reasons but also 'cause I like your taste. Of course size is an issue but some pieces can overcome that.

  5. I think the cardi looks cute on you! As Melanie said, your waistline and figure are still there, and the peplum looks good. I think you need a tailored longer outer coat to wear with it though, IMHO.

    I hope the happy and calm feelings last. Blogging is a good outlet, not only to have a place to express yourself, but also to get perspective from other people. Even when I don't comment I still love reading posts from around the world!

  6. Wonderful outfit - and I second what Melanie and Val said, you can certainly still see your killer figurine and itty-bitty waist in it. I think this piece as a keeper. My first thought is that it would smashing with a classic pencil skirt, perhaps black, burgundy or a different (darker) shade of grey. It might work well over a fitted sheath dress, too - something classically feminine, but not cloyingly girly, to temper the borrowed-from-the-boys quality of the moto cardigan.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I think the jacket is a keeper IF you will wear it outside of the challenge. That's usually how I decide on whether to keep something. Yeah, it's an adorable piece, it looks amazing on you - but are you gonna wear it? Sometimes I simply find something cute and interesting, but I never find myself grabbing it for one reason or another. Othertimes I restyle something and have that "HUH - why am I not wearing this" moment.

  8. Aya, I really like this piece, too, so was very startled when you said you were donating it! I think it makes your waist look tiny. Peplums are my un-waist's friend! But Megan is right, if YOU don't love it, you won't wear it much. One of the benefits I'm hoping my upcoming shopping sabbatical will bring is some clarity to some pieces I own that I think I should love - but don't. It does make me feel awesome to send clothes to peeps who will love them, rather like finding them better homes or partners. Maybe what this jacket needs is an amaze-ball brooch, or several. It's a lovely neutral.