Monday, December 16, 2013

Cop Copine Mechanism

  Quick casual weekend outfit post while I'm taking a break from studying papers so boring they literally put me to sleep. Twice.
Top: Cop Copine (thrifted)
Vest: Last Kiss (cheap junior store, old)
Jeans: Levi's junior bootcut (thrifted)
Fedora: Stacy Adams (online, old)

  I styled my Cop Copine shirt again. Tried it with my Last Kiss faux leather vest for a more modern casual look.
Another closeup of the sleeve, since I can't get over how much I like 'em.

  In the top photo, I'm holding a piece of biltong in my hands. I was trying to bribe the large dog on the next balcony that was growling and barking at me. The owner shouted at him to stop, but I knew he just wanted to protect his pack. He wasn't interested in the meat, though! Have you had unexpected problems crop up while taking pictures of yourself?


  1. Such a cool look, loving that red waistcoat and the hat! The pleat detail on the shirt sleeve is beautiful.
    I take my photos in my garden, and have learned to ignore the neighbours looking at me askance. They think I'm weird, but I refuse to care! xxxx

  2. Given that I take my photos on streets, the looks! I still have to talk myself into going out there, but the light and backgrounds are so much better and I can't go back to my backyard:).

  3. I hide out in my backyard for photos mostly. I have almost been run over by a biker in the summer when I've ventured out to the park to take photos.

    Love that red vest!


  4. I take my pic either in our garden or out in back alley in the summer, spring and fall - I had people watching me got a few comments and yes! i did have a mean barking dog in the back alley but now he's confined in his yard, so no more problems with the beast!

    Love your red vest Aya - you made me laugh when you said your papers put to sleep twice!

    30cm of snow here and frigging -25!



  5. That shirt looks amazing with the vest--love this outfit!!
    I hate sitting in training classes that make me nod off-UGH
    I take pix inside so my only problem is being photobombed by a cat or dog

  6. Very modern, urban look. Love it with the fedora- you rock it!

  7. Your stylistic touches (e.g., vest, hat) are so appealing.

  8. What a great vest! Love its colour and design. And I like it how you styled it, the whole look is so modern and chic.

  9. Bwa-ha-ha. I just read your About Me thing. Love your writing. I've been trapped in pants before. Those sleeves are indeed stupendous. No wonder you admire them so. Cars and vagrants are my biggest outdoor blog obstacles. I don't really mind them. I'm used to thinking everyone in neighbouring high-rises has a telescope. Gaaa. Oh, and I love the vest too with that flirty gangster hat.

  10. Love your layers!! Cop copine has some awesome stuff. Long time admired brand I stalk on ebay.

    Poor pup! The worst I run into is people being in my drive way. But I usually just go around to the back of the house or wait until they leave.

  11. The Cop Copine top has beautiful details, and look smashing with your jeans and red vest. The star for me is the Stacy Adams hat. It frames your lovely face to perfection.

  12. I just get caught and/or photobombed by my neighbours on the stairs during my stair poses.

    Love the top.

  13. Did anyone say you look gangsta yet? When my kids say it, it's supposed to be a compliment, which is how it's meant :)

    Problems with photos? How long you got? lol