Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OzzOn, not dozin'

Hey, did you know that cold brewing tea doesn't really lower caffeine content? It's 5 am and I learned this four sleepless hours ago.

Well, there's always blogging. Behold, the most leg I will ever show on this blog:
Dress: OzzOn Japan, Ozz Oneste (secondhand, Japan)
Platform sandals: BonSens (borrowed from Mom)
What are the rules on repeating outfits? I love (LOVE) this OzzOn Asian style punk dress and I certainly plan to wear it more than once, but I featured it on the blog back when I got it in December. In fact, that post got the Sal bump from Already Pretty, which is always a huge exciting honor, so it's at the top of my blog's popular posts, probably forever.

I wanted to take pictures with more even lighting though, and without an underskirt (I wore exercise shorts, instead.)

Here are the original photos of the dress I found randomly on the Internet. I was super fortunate to find it (sans gloves) a year later on a Japanese auction site, and my mother bought it for me and had it sent to my grandmother's in Japan.
Sheila brought up that if I can't wear it without something under it, it's more of a tunic. I think it's meant to be a dress, with the caveat that the diagonal zipper has two heads, so you can wear it closed or open wherever you like, and there are some very risky spots that I'm convinced upsell matching leggings or something.

I didn't wear this out, and when I do I'll definitely be wearing leggings, a skirt, or some shorts longer than these under it. Behold, alarming dress areas:
Still, if this isn't the climate to experiment with wearing inappropriately breezy jagged skirts, what is? Also, I gotta find a jacket for this thing. Something mostly plain with structured lines in black, I think. Thoughts?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tripp Through Your Wires

Weather is warm enough for skirts, too cool to go without a jacket. I can dig it.
Military jacket: Tripp NYC (thrifted)
Skirt: KOMMOTiON NY (eBay, size M available)
Triple scarf: OzzOn Japan (Japan)
Shoes: Rieker Antistress (thrifted)
 Origami Earrings: fake Anthropologie (eBay)

I find military jackets plus floaty skirts so appealing. Or maybe it's just that I like those two things so I smash them together into outfits.

I found the jacket at a thrift store my friend Cathy took me to in Huntington Beach. It's the light cotton type that I completely jettisoned from my wardrobe when I moved to SF. I used to wear them all the time when I lived down here over a decade ago.

The brand Tripp NYC appears to be a goth/punk brand. Big shock that I ended up with it, haha. My friend actually found it. She pulled it from the rack after just seeing the sleeve because she figured it would be my style. I am consistent. :D

There was an awesome cropped bomber jacket there too, but when I zipped it up I garroted myself in the armpits and couldn't lift my arms, so I had to let it go. -_-

I was worried that when I got down here I wouldn't have any place to go shopping, but it's looking like that won't be the case, after all. (:

Who can resist a handkerchief hem? Certainly not I.
Twirly action!
Do you ever combine contrasting or seemingly disparate styles into an outfit?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sundress Success Unless... ?

SoCal weather! I had almost forgotten about you in my decade away.
Dress: Heart Moon Star (thrifted)
Gee Whiz Sandals: Eastland
It was warm the day I took these, which is good, because no piece of outerwear I own goes with this dress. None. And I have a "Holy crap you have a lot of jackets" type of closet. I think it's because it needs a cropped or bolero cut jacket, and while I love those, they are difficult to find.
I mentioned thrifting this dress for <$3 back in November, after taking the GREs. Now I'm in the climate to wear it!

I took photos from different angles to give me an idea of how the dress's cut and length suit me. I know halters are probably not the best cut for broad shoulders, and I'm unsure about where the hem hits (maybe it depends on the shoes?) but by gum this dress is insanely comfortable. It skims my body without squeezing or clamping or cutting in anywhere. And the print looks Japanese-y!

Also, I've been trying to figure out what constitutes 'feminine' posture or body language in my mind. I feel my body language in photos is more like "Yarr!" and "HEY." Too much stance training? Tuck the chin down? Maybe I should practice in the mirror.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back in Mostly Black

We had a burst of weather that was surprisingly San Francisco-y, but I was determined to wear a short skirt:
Why live in Southern CA if I can't wear the things I couldn't wear in all my years in SF? :D Well, I guess the much better Japanese food is a good argument, too. (the ramen in SF sucks)
Japanese print skirt: ecoté (Urban Outfitters) size 6 on eBay
Over the knee boots: Ros Hommerson (6pm.com, gift from Dad)
Cardigan: Candie's (thrifted)
Fan necklace: Joan Rivers (thrifted)

I love this Japanese-style print skirt. I bought it several years ago for on super sale, and I still haven't figured out what to wear it with besides all black or a plain teal shirt. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Wide shoe review (review and link not sponsored)

The over the knee Topic boots are WW width from Ros Hommerson, but they come in regular width and wide calf as well. I often have problems with my feet floating in extra wide shoes, because while mine are wide along the x axis at the toes, they're not on the y axis (up and down). Add small ankles and bony heels, and you get shoes that fit at the sides of the feet but that are too roomy everywhere else.

These aren't too bad. They're too big at the instep and ankle, but up at the toes they are fitted enough that my foot isn't floating free.  A set of heel gel inserts to boost my heels a little made the fit much better.

And of course, they are massively marked down and they can fold down or go over the knee. Love.
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