Monday, November 17, 2014

The Unexpected Hoodie

Trying the sideways glance again, and looking mighty pleased with myself. I call this shirt by Three Stones the Unexpected Hoodie:

I feel a little like Link from the Legend of Zelda games. The top is loose, so I did what I saw Carrie of Petal by Petal do recently: I added a skinny belt near my natural waist to look more streamlined. Woo hoo! What works for one Asian American martial artist evidently works for another. :D
I dig the little keyhole in the back. If the hood is down, it hides it.
Hoodie top: Three Stones (thrifted)
Overlapping waves skirt: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Sandals: Eastland
Belt: unknown (thrifted)
Necklace: Old Navy
Sage wrap bracelet: Foxy Originals
Earrings: Etsy shop
Purse: handmade (Sawdust Festival, birthday gift)

It was all about the accessories that day:
Oh, and the belt! I'm a huge fan of the comedy sitcom Community, and I cracked up when I saw that the belt tag reads "Streets Ahead"! I don't think it's a reference to the show, just an awesome coincidence:
Blown out shot of the skirt to show the cool overlapping layers:

I'll let you guys in on a secret: I'm not actually in Southern CA! I moved for a job and am back in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I took these outfit photos before I left so I could queue up some posts, predicting (rightfully) that I'd be overwhelmed and too burnt my first week or two here to do them.

I'm also living out of a suitcase and half of what I brought is conservative business casual because who starts a new job wearing outfits that shriek, "Hi! You know nothing about me except that I'm an outlier!"? I'm definitely waiting until at least my third day.

Not sure what I'm going to do for next week's posts yet. Here's hoping I get settled enough to get some thrifting in. I'm certainly in the location for it! :D


  1. How exciting that you are back in San Francisco! That's on my list of places to go hopefully sooner rather than later, so you never know, I could come and visit! And I love this shirt, you are right that you wouldn't expect the hoodie part at first! Neat!

    1. It'd be great to hang out with you, Beth! I'm actually much further south than I've ever lived in the Bay Area. Job's in the Silicon Valley area, and I'm on the hunt for apartments there right now. *sigh*

  2. How exciting! I hope the job is perfect for you.

    That jacket is so cute.


  3. Congratulations on the new job, hope you feel settled very soon.
    I love the keyhole back of that hoodie too, and the skirt is great, I do like the layered detail. As always, excellent jewellery! xxx

  4. Cute outfit. Hope you settle in and relax.

  5. The hoodie and belt are great together! Congrats on the new job. I love visiting the Bay Area and am looking forward to a trip down this winter to visit in-laws.

  6. I'm lovin' the layers of your skirt! Yes, San Francisco should provide some great thrifting. Looking forward to following this new era of your life.

  7. I have only been to San Fran once but I loved it and it is sort of my fantasy city to live in so it makes me very weirdly happy that you are living there again. LOVE this outfit and I so hope you can find your way to dressing true to yourself for work. I love your style and I even find myself shopping and thinking oh this is very Aya! You wear things I only ever dreamed of wearing and thought I could not/should not so you are my inspiration for sort of dipping my toes into what I call Ninja Woodland Elf Queen. Yes, that is what I call your style. It's a bit long but I'm sticking with it.
    Hope the new job is going well and that you like it.

  8. Thanks for the shoutout and I like this outfit! Body-con done Aya style. I hope your new job is a great fit for you professionally as well as sartorially. That bag is gorgeous - the shapes, patterns and palette are very appealing. The crafter in me is wondering whether the bit that looks like clouds and trees is appliqued on ... :)

  9. Wow ... I'm so late to the game, but you look too grand to miss a comment! LOVE it all. Excellent, and I'm always so charmed by the steam-theme, subtle or overt. I wish you the wild best in your new job!