Friday, November 7, 2014

Shades of Gravender

I backed the camera up in an attempt to avoid the lens flare and backlighting. MISSION FAIL.
I made this outfit for Spygirl's 52 Pick-Me-Up challenge: layers. Also because it is freezing in my room. Man, I look so proportional when sleeves are the correct length. Japanese clothing all the way.
All the dangly pointy bits of cloth made me feel like curtsying.
I hope I did patron saint of masterful layering Shawna proud.
Where to begin?

Purple heattech undershirt: UNIQLO (gift from Mom, Japan)
Grey bamboo dress: Natural Life (Purre at The CAMP)
Double layer vest: MOUTH valley (thrifted, Japan)
Outermost long vest: LUX (clothing swap)
Wide belt: pellemelle (thrifted)
Jodhpurs as leggings: Ariat (thrifted)
Boots: ALDO (thrifted)
Cloisonne necklace and enamel earrings: unknown (thrifted)
If you haven't seen these before, that's right, jodhpurs! (Thanks, Excelsior Goodwill!) They are by the company Ariat and so comfortable and warm. They also have deep front pockets. Rich people really know how to live!

The wide leather belt is one I thrifted a few weeks ago in SF, by pellemelle. The end has a tendency to start slipping out of the buckle, but otherwise I am really happy with it. It's comfortable, the right size, and the soft leather has enough stretch that I don't garrote myself in the midsection when I sit down.

The outfit was so neutral that I tried to add a little color with the cloisonne jewelry, but overall I think it's still pretty "Look, ma! I'm greyscale!" That isn't to say I don't like it; purple and grey is one of my favorite combinations*! I'm just obsessed with trying to up my color game recently and I don't want to feel like I was backsliding.

* In fact, know what I'm gonna call it? Gravender. Shut up. Clever! ᕦ(_)ᕤ


  1. Super pretty! I am always impressed by and jealous of other people's mad sewing skills. I can barely sew a button!

  2. Wow! Can't believe you found jodhpurs at a Goodwill. Insane. That must be a good store to thrift at.

    The colours and layers create a really interesting look. Almost a bit of Game of Thrones vibe.


  3. You look so gorgeous!!! I have to say I am loving that necklace. LOVE IT.

  4. I think that the lens flare here is rather lovely and gives you the appearance of being kissed by a ray of heavenly sunlight, thus highlighting your terrific ensemble all the more.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Lovely outfit. Your first pic reminds me of a cartoon in the new issue of The New Yorker (which you can see on their website).

  6. What do you think of the Heattech stuff as a warmth-ensuring layer? I remember looking at it and it felt nice and soft and it came in good colors, but I wasn't clear about why they called it Heattech. (As opposed to, say, Nice Polyester Layering Shirt. Which, yes, is less snappy than Heattech.)

    1. I wholeheartedly believe Heattech is warmer than cotton or other undershirts I've tried. At risk of TMI, it doesn't capture smells at the same lighting fast rate that polyester seems to, as well. Lastly, it's so thin that it's very easy to layer well. I have a few Heattech undreshirts and they're in constant use in the winter.

    2. Thanks! I'm gonna give it a try--I ordered a couple of tops and a pair of leggings. (This is New England, after all.)

  7. LOOOVVVEEE this! I actually giggled when I cam across my name since I was not expecting it and I am sure I am inspired by you and your sartorial taste. I love long draped and yes, pointy layers and with that wide belt it looks so great on you-sort of ladylike warrior elf, which is a look I cannot achieve at all. I shall have to be content with witch. LOL Just promise me not to get your ears surgically pointed.

    Gravender! How perfect. I have two pairs of gravender leggings which I love. I was calling them, in my mind, something more like dark dolphin, but I like gravender better.

  8. I like your layering here! Nice colour combination too, suits you very well. And those bright accessories are so pretty and cute, love them!

  9. I like the lens flare, it adds to the mystical vibe of the Tolkein-esque outfit! I think Shawna's description of it as ladylike warrior elf is spot on. Lovely layering, light and soft, pretty and pointy. Gorgeous jewellery too! xxx

  10. I'm loving all those layers and the lens flare is nice! No fail!

  11. I LOVE this! All of the layers look so lovely on you! I think the photos look cute, the effect is a bit ethereal. I have never seen pants like those! So cool!

  12. Skillful layering indeed! That is a flat out perfect outfit that doesn't suffer in the least for a lack of bright colors. There is so much texture to keep the eye occupied!