About Couturgatory

Couturgatory: The state of having short muscular limbs, v-shaped torso, extra wide high-arched feet, a large head, and no money. I suffer through higher education in the hopes of someday changing that last one.
  I thrift unique clothes I like, then spend vast amounts of time, energy, and patience -all of them in short supply- trying to make them fit.
  By the time I am done, I kind of hate the item because all I can see are my mistakes, but it has been so hacked apart that it cannot possibly fit any normal person. Since I cannot in good conscience donate it back to the thrift shop, the clothes and I are stuck with one another. Forever.
  Style: goth punk Steampunky bohemian fairy. Way too much text.

  I often wear: boots, vests, hats, shirt shells, impractical sleeves, and things my mother hates

  I never wear: bright colors/neon, fringes, boat necks, text, pumps, open-toed boots, wedges with that weird straw/dock rope material looped around the sides, anything yellow, or leggings-as-pants

  (No fashion judgement, just not for me. Well, except that last one.)

  Twitter is to post eBay items I find cool, the occasional sale, and to announce I've trapped myself in my skirt by breaking the zipper.

  Pinterest is to stare at pictures of clothes because OzzOn doesn't ship from Japan.

  I love comments, anytime and anywhere! Please feel free (though not compelled) to leave them, and tell me about yourself. :D


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