Friday, June 7, 2013

Treasure Rock of Ages

  Wow, people are here! Ally wrote about me in her blog and a number of her lovely friends found their way over. Should I have a separate post and an outfit post? I'm not sure what the protocol for multiple posts in a day is. I suppose we just make our own rules here, so I'm flying blind. Blind, but excited. :D

  I'm really looking forward to reading about and getting to know everybody. I read an interview once in which a style blogger said that one is supposed to read/find bloggers who are built like you and dress similarly. I don't know how folks put up the Bat-signal for that ("ATTN: short stocky future fantasy warrior/AZN punk fantasy warrior/steampunk past fantasy person/fairy princess style blogger seeking more of the same") but what I have found in style blogging is a network of interesting, supercool people whose passion and creativity pop out in their writing. It is a fun, organic process of exploration following links, and I'm so glad you guys took the time to say hello and give me more places to explore and read.

  To the outfit post!

  So, here's the deal. Several years back, I had a thing for shirts with lots of studs in them and laces. I'm over it now, but funny thing: if you add extra stitches to clothes, then tie them together with laces, then rivet them together, they do not come apart. I've made my wardrobe, now I have to lie in it for a few decades. Or not, because all of these metal studs are kind of uncomfortable to sleep on. (I'm joking. I took a nap in this shirt earlier and it is fine.)

  This Treasure Rock tank top is from a defunct online shop. After a poke around the Internet, I'm actually not sure the brand exists any more either, but there are brand new copies of this tank top in black on eBay. Or if you really like it in blue, come and talk to me. I layered it over one of my ubiquitous lace racerbacks and wore it with a black miniskirt and criss cross leggings because I am trying not to bore you dear readers into Denim Oblivion, which has actually been the reality for the last 26 years. :D

  Since the Treasure Rock brand's aesthetic is rock/glam and my aesthetic is more huh?/dork, I tried balancing out the outfit with accessories.  First, a pink hoodie. Then, in the event anybody still thought I should be taken seriously, I added a teacup necklace and sun bracelet.

It's hard to be taken for an angry rocker in a pink hoodie.

  I bought the bracelet in Paris several years ago. My friend Cathy and I went in summer, when dawn was at 6 am and the sun didn't set until after 10. It completely threw off my circadian rhythm, having that much sunlight, but I loved it, at least as much as you can love 100+°F in a country without widespread air conditioning or iced beverages.  I thought this gold sunburst bracelet would be the perfect reminder of those times. Then I came back to San Francisco and found the same jewelry company downtown a month later. Hahaha! It's ok though, it's still an awesome souvenir (and I know where to take it if the glittery stone falls out.)

  Thank you to my friend Diana for taking the outfit pictures today. We hung out in Golden Gate Park today, by the Sharon Art Center, where we saw the most beautiful stained glass window we both agreed we'd ever seen.

Tank top: Treasure Rock (available in black)
Victorian Hoodie: Prairie Underground (thrifted)
Criss Cross Leggings: no brand (eBay)
Sun Bracelet: Jeanne by CJ (Paris, old)
Teacup Necklace: (Nordstrom, old) - similar on etsy


  1. Cool outfit. I like your inventive style. And I'm glad to see more people visiting your blog.

  2. It's official, I'm a little bit in love. ;P I just added your blog to my reader. Found you via Ally.

    I adore your cool style! I definitely have trouble finding people who dress a little outside the box like I do. I follow people with their own style for their own creative spirit, but I definitely seek out people with similar style goals.

    1. Man, that is the sweetest thing to say. What a compliment!

      Yay! You're the first style blogger I've found who dresses in a style that reminds me of my own style goals. Blog buddies!

  3. Super cute outfit.

    Not being a fashionista I like to see more than just the clothes ... it is interesting to see who you are behind the mask of the clothes. As you say, there are no rules in blogland and if someone doesn't like what you are doing then they shouldn't be reading your blog!!!

    Carry on doing what is comfortable for you and the people who enjoy your blog will come back again and again!!!

    1. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments, Lynn! I love getting them and it's such a pleasure to meet you.