Sunday, June 30, 2013

With a ribbon around it

  For my weekend, I've embraced wearing everything I cannot wear during the week because of lab safety. Bare shoulders, bare legs, open shoes, you name it. I think I look really tan in these photos compared to myself a week ago. Go go East Bay weather!
  Today I wore my brown strapless dress by Ruth for the first time! When I bought it a few years ago, I was somewhat concerned it had been a bridesmaid dress and would always look like a bridesmaid dress, but it fit great and it was $3.74, so into the basket it went. Plus I love the pink ribbon. I feel like a box of chocolates.

  It's beautifully warm and sunny this weekend, so if this isn't the occasion for a possible bridesmaid dress, I don't know what is.
   I tried to casual it up a bit (and help keep the dress up) by adding a cropped shrug. I do really like what the shrug does to the proportions of this outfit, as it gives me a long unbroken line under the bust, but the cut/material might not be quite right. I'm not sure what I'm searching for to match the dress, though. Maybe something with a rounder neckline in seafoam/faded green or deep blue with a slight ruffle on cap sleeves?

  I added a blue topaz necklace from etsy (because an outfit could always use a shot of blue), thrifted earrings, and my comfortable Rieker antistress shoes. I'm so glad I thrifted these shoes on a whim. They're quickly becoming my favorite comfortable feminine walking shoe.
  Sorry I was so burnt yesterday that I forgot to put the brand tags at the bottom of my post. I've fixed it now! Summer is finally here! What are you doing with the longer (or shorter, hemispherically opposed friends) days?

Dress: Ruth (thrifted, Ruth dresses on eBay)
Shrug: Have (thrifted)
Shoes: Rieker antistress (thrifted, Zappos link)
Jewelry: blue topaz necklace (defunct etsy shop), flower earring studs (thrifted)


  1. You are rockin' the strapless tops/dresses lately! :) The right shade of blue would look great with the dress - and it might be fun to get something with a texture, like an open weave/crochet/lace fabric?
    How do the Riekers fit you in the back? I prefer a wider-width shoe but the back of my ankle is skinny, which often means that my heel keeps slipping in a shoe that fits comfortably in front. Whenever I get a new pair of Danskos, I'm walking out of them for the first few wears - but then the leather somehow conforms to my foot and the problem goes away.

    1. Oops, this wasn't supposed to go up until morning. I guess I screwed up the schedule interface.

      The Riekers have a narrow heel, which I like. The person who owned them before also put in heel padding, and they grip very well. I too have narrow heels while my forefoot is very wide (and I have high instep and arches) and so far these fit the bill.

  2. Very pretty dress. I'm enjoying the extra light by riding my motorcycle after work. It relaxes me.

    1. Something about the quality of late afternoon light is the most soothing thing. :D

  3. Oooh wow! It's very different seeing you in something soft and feminine,but I like it! Rieker's are firmly in my wishlist right now.