Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OzzOn, not dozin'

Hey, did you know that cold brewing tea doesn't really lower caffeine content? It's 5 am and I learned this four sleepless hours ago.

Well, there's always blogging. Behold, the most leg I will ever show on this blog:
Dress: OzzOn Japan, Ozz Oneste (secondhand, Japan)
Platform sandals: BonSens (borrowed from Mom)
What are the rules on repeating outfits? I love (LOVE) this OzzOn Asian style punk dress and I certainly plan to wear it more than once, but I featured it on the blog back when I got it in December. In fact, that post got the Sal bump from Already Pretty, which is always a huge exciting honor, so it's at the top of my blog's popular posts, probably forever.

I wanted to take pictures with more even lighting though, and without an underskirt (I wore exercise shorts, instead.)

Here are the original photos of the dress I found randomly on the Internet. I was super fortunate to find it (sans gloves) a year later on a Japanese auction site, and my mother bought it for me and had it sent to my grandmother's in Japan.
Sheila brought up that if I can't wear it without something under it, it's more of a tunic. I think it's meant to be a dress, with the caveat that the diagonal zipper has two heads, so you can wear it closed or open wherever you like, and there are some very risky spots that I'm convinced upsell matching leggings or something.

I didn't wear this out, and when I do I'll definitely be wearing leggings, a skirt, or some shorts longer than these under it. Behold, alarming dress areas:
Still, if this isn't the climate to experiment with wearing inappropriately breezy jagged skirts, what is? Also, I gotta find a jacket for this thing. Something mostly plain with structured lines in black, I think. Thoughts?


  1. Oh yes. Yes, indeed. Of course you love it, and of course you can give us the same dress in even similar ways. Nice to see the bones of the dress in clear light, and I know your fertile little mind can instantly come up with a dozen ways to wear it. There will be an occassion, I predict, that you'll need some lacy boy - short undies to wear beneath it. No need to mention them to your mom. Ahem.
    Sheila's probably right, I think it is meant to be worn in the same way as if it were just the corset-back topper ... over whatever you want to wear it with. You'll find the right thing, if it's not in your closet. Context and weather, of course.
    I'd wear steam-goth stuff at all times if I were much younger and lived in very different circumstances. I love it, and it's especially good on you.
    Really perfect pieces ... thank you for sharing it.

  2. That is one amazzing dress! It definitely suits you, and I think it would look great with capri length leggings. Also, maybe a short cape for a jacket?

    I'm glad you added the internet photos because I coudn't see those amazing laces on the back. And I love your mom's sandals!

    1. I was thinking capri or cutoff leggings, too! Shawna at The Director of Awesome wore a pair and I've been admiring them since.

      I hadn't thought of a short cape. That sounds like an awesome item for anything. I hope I can find one some day!

      And if my mom's sandals weren't half a size too small, I'd have piked 'em already. (;

  3. What a cool dress. Great design, visually interesting. It suits your personality, too.

  4. Still ADORE that dress. Just amazing, and love it with the wedge sandals!

  5. Woo woo, look at those legs!! Seriously though, this dress is amazing - it really looks awesome on you!! I wish it was that warm where I am!!

  6. Oh go on, wear it as it is, you look amazing! I love these photos, you really look as though you are having fun. It's a stunning piece, the slashes of colour, the pleating, the lacing, all those details are really cool. Capri leggings would look great with it, as would a leather biker jacket for extra Rock Chick factor.
    You have wonderful legs, and I am coveting your mum's sandals. xxxx

  7. An amazing dress, and you look amazing in it.

  8. That dress is so fantastic and looks so good on you! It's just so you don't you feel like you wish you had a whole bunch of them in different colour combinations? I get like that when I have a favourite. We definitely want to see it repeated here. You have great legs so there is no need to hide them but I totally get feeling a bit too exposed. I tend to be like that too and was that way even when younger and fitter.
    I admired capri leggings for years and couldn't figure out how to get them. Finally I saw them and was horrified at the price so I cheated a little. I don't know if you have it where you are but here we have a band of hoisery called Secret. They do socks, tights and pantyhose and are usually found in the drugstores. I discovered they had a line of black footless tights. The weight of the tights was lighter than leggings usually are. I found that it was really easy to pull them up a little higher so that they were like capri leggings. Later when out shopping I came across some capri leggings that were inexpensive but only in grey, no black. They are perhaps meant for exercise wear. They are a cotton spandex blend though not that nylon spandex of some exercise wear. I have also given some thought to just cutting and re-hemming some leggings to get the cropped effect.
    Lastly, those sandals are fantabulous and so are your poses. You are a posing master. I am just a poser.

  9. What a fabulous unique piece. I could really see this with black leggings and a black leather biker jacket.


  10. You look so badass!! Bike shorts sound like an interesting way to get away with shorter length dresses. I've layered just regular shorts under tunics before. I should do that again.