Monday, April 21, 2014

Tripp Through Your Wires

Weather is warm enough for skirts, too cool to go without a jacket. I can dig it.
Military jacket: Tripp NYC (thrifted)
Skirt: KOMMOTiON NY (eBay, size M available)
Triple scarf: OzzOn Japan (Japan)
Shoes: Rieker Antistress (thrifted)
 Origami Earrings: fake Anthropologie (eBay)

I find military jackets plus floaty skirts so appealing. Or maybe it's just that I like those two things so I smash them together into outfits.

I found the jacket at a thrift store my friend Cathy took me to in Huntington Beach. It's the light cotton type that I completely jettisoned from my wardrobe when I moved to SF. I used to wear them all the time when I lived down here over a decade ago.

The brand Tripp NYC appears to be a goth/punk brand. Big shock that I ended up with it, haha. My friend actually found it. She pulled it from the rack after just seeing the sleeve because she figured it would be my style. I am consistent. :D

There was an awesome cropped bomber jacket there too, but when I zipped it up I garroted myself in the armpits and couldn't lift my arms, so I had to let it go. -_-

I was worried that when I got down here I wouldn't have any place to go shopping, but it's looking like that won't be the case, after all. (:

Who can resist a handkerchief hem? Certainly not I.
Twirly action!
Do you ever combine contrasting or seemingly disparate styles into an outfit?


  1. I love the feminine look of the skirt and the edgier look of the military jacket! And the scarf is so fun and pretty too! Very nice look overall!

  2. Ooooh, I love this look Aya! It's feminine and flirty, but with the military jacket's edginess...well, totally YOU! I haven't quite got the knack for doing this kind of mixing, but you are tempting me to give it a go! And the twirl! How could you not twirl with this skirt!

  3. I love this outfit! Everything about it is so you and so attractive. And fabulous accessories, too. That last photo is great - I hope you kept twirling all day!

  4. I love all of the different layers here! I think it is fun to pair things like little cotton summer dresses with chunky boots and jackets. Or when people wear shorts with heels, etc. I think you can get the most out of your clothing that way.

  5. Gorgeous layers and I love the palette; you look wonderful, Aya!

  6. The fitted sharper lines of the military jacket (with all its associations) is a wonderful contrast with the floaty skirt. Yes, I like to mix up contrasting elements like this - masculine/feminine, dressy/casual, different textures, it works well. And you look great, especially when twirling! xxx

  7. Yay! Aya is back! Your style is so unusual, so distinctive, that your absence has been noted. Plus, we miss your personal charm.

  8. I love the outfit, and you loom beautiful. I wouldn't be able to resist that jacket either, and I'm willing myself not to look for that brand online!

  9. Great twirl action. I love all these layers, floaty and formed, blended perfectly together. That jacket is ab-so-lutely amazing, structured but also soft. This is one of my favourite outfits on you. I'm glad you're finding places to shop.

  10. Tripp used to be/is sold at Hot Topic!! Nearly all my clothes in middle school were Tripp branded. That said I adore everything about this look.

  11. Love that jacket, with a floaty skirt is perfect.

  12. love. Love. LOVE!!! You combine differing styles very, very well. And your jacket collection always just kills me with envy. :-)

  13. LOVE the jacket and it goes super fine with the skirt. This brought to my mind that I have a military jacket somewhere too. The earrings are lovely, I might have to find that ebay seller.
    Oh and you already know that I like to combine different styles in one outfit, too :)

  14. Those shoes look amazing!

    That jacket really IS you.


  15. Okay, first I want to steal your shoes. I LOVE them! However, they are not my size so I guess I'll let you keep them. I love your outfit and the contrast of a floaty skirt with a military jacket. I always enjoy contrasts like that and usually try to employ them though sometimes i simply end up all girly in a dress and cardigan.
    I realise that SF is one of the cooler and damper parts of California but for most of us it's rather amusing to hear it described as a cold place. I have only been there in summer but certainly was not cold. So Cal, on the other hand is a bit too hot for me. I suppose one acclimatises. Where I live is not far from and thus similar to Seattle. It's definitely a damp climate and although we have sunny spring weather I am to cold in a skirt without tights yet my tights are all black and I refuse to wear black tights at this point. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with this.

    That whole outfit really suits you and you look so happy in it!

  16. Particularly this jacket looks simply great with this skirt. They are of different style but worn together they create an interesting look, I love it. The earrings are very lovely too.

  17. YES YES YES!!! I gasped when I saw your first pic, literally. Love this so much, everything!! I would wear it verbatim. In fact, don't be surprised it I knock it off somehow. You look gorgeous.