Monday, October 27, 2014

Dusty Autumn Rose

♫ Boooooooots weatherrrrrrrr ♪ I love the color dusty rose. I'm finally in a climate that this Pure + Good hoodie can be worn as outerwear:
Morning mist hoodie: Pure + Good (Anthropologie)
Unveiled tank: Deletta (thrifted)
Fold-down riding boots: Ros Hommerson (
La Guardia cloche: Goorin Bros. (sample sale)
Locket: Express

Either the outfit all works together minus the top, or the top/jeans/boots work but I need to lose the hoodie & hat. I thought since the hoodie and tank top originally came from the same place, they might play nicely together, but oh well.
The decoration on the Deletta tank top reminds me of Victorian theatre curtains:
... though I guess that means it's a show starring my boobs, which is kind of disturbing, so let's forget that for now.

In random life news, I have a Kogepan mug now! This is my favorite character of all time.

I've had a saved search on eBay for years, and finally got one shipped my way from Italy. Now Kogepan can peer into the reflective waters of whatever I am drinking and ponder the futility of existence with me.


  1. That hoodie is everything! I want it! So pretty!! Your mug is super cute too, love how he's peeking over the side!

  2. That cup is ADORABLE! Oh...sorry this is an outfit post right?

    Aren't our boobs always the stars of the show?

    Love the jacket ruffles.


  3. I think it's all wonderful together. The cut of the jacket is perfect on you and I love the hat. Happy boot weather!

  4. You were the coolest clothes. So clever that I could never duplicate them. You have an eye for this.

  5. KOGEPAN! I have never understood why Hello-Kitty-everything rules the Earth, while quirky, uniquely Japanese characters like Kogepan are obscure.
    Great detailing on the top ... although I'd have to say that my boobs lean toward bit parts/character acting rather than show-stopping diva performances. ; )
    The boots are splendid - I've always wanted to style an over-the-knee pair, but they seem much too impractical for my tropical climate.

  6. That soft pink wrapover hoodie has a bit of steam punkiness about it, despite the colour. It must be the tie detail, the drapiness and the ruffley hem - it's lovely. And with the hat and high boots, there's a plucky Victorian heroine vibe going on which I very much appreciate! xxx

  7. I'm in heaven, 'cause you're an angel! I love it. Fabulous pieces all ... and you mix 'um up good, young lady! Pretty ... I'm so loving pink this fall, especially the dusty and lighter shades beyond hot pink that we've seen for awhile now. And the boots, of course. Wonderful. It's still hot here, and we're all going sleeveless with jeans and our boots on. It has a kind of jaunty, adventuress-ish look that I like.
    Wonderful you.

  8. Love the color of the hoodie. And that mug! Brilliant.

  9. Aww Kogepan is sooo cute! Sort of like a Pikachu. I love this outfit and I think it is all working just great! You look great it in and I would totally copy this though I don't think it would work as well for me. I can imagine how the stage curtains might feel a bit bulky under the hoodie, though they don't look it. I usually don't layer shirts with floofy bits underneath due to the general discomfort of that unless the top layer allows the underneath floofy bits to be exposed.

    I am going to stop there before I dazzle you with the pure brilliance of my thoughts and the academic rigour with which I have studied this problem.

  10. From the boots, to the jacket, to the tank, to the mug. All super cool and awesome. It's finally getting cold enough for jackets here too!! I'm so excited.

  11. That sweater and tank top are so great! Chiming in with everyone who says you have great taste in clothes. :) I also think the sweater and top look fine together in the photo, although maybe it's not the same in person.

    I'm not sure if you'd appreciate a suggestion on this outfit, so feel free to ignore this if you don't. :) In case you do, maybe you could try wearing gray pants or leggings, to pick up the gray in the sweater and top? I think the whole thing might look more cohesive that way, and then maybe it could all work together.

    1. I love suggestions, thank you Martina! I never would have thought of grey pants, and I can't wait to try it now. :D

    2. Yay! I'm glad that was helpful.