Friday, December 27, 2013

Consumer Update

  Okay, I see now why many bloggers took off until the new year!

  Totally thought I'd have enough thumb-twiddling time in beautiful Southern CA to take outfit photos, what with the gorgeous weather here and all. Nope! Busy hanging out with family and dear friends. I have just been feeling incredibly lucky the last few days on my break.

  ...also in a typically genius Aya moment, I left my camera cable back in San Francisco. So here are some Internet photos of my Christmas presents:
   Sans gloves, this Ozz Oneste dress was sold used on the Japanese auction site Rakuten.
  Ozz Angelo shawl and fingerless long gloves. The ends have snaps on them so you can snap the ends around your arms or in a number of configurations around your neck and shoulders. (links not sponsored)

  I also have a beautiful new apron, handmade for me by my brother's girlfriend. She even remembered that I'm left-handed and put the pocket on the correct side for me! I can't wait to take photographs of it.

  Hope to be back soon, the next several days will likely be graduate school applications and eating with the friends and family I am so fortunate to have. I hope you all are having a fine holiday!


  1. what a nice dress Aya! very you! can't wait to see you style it
    Have merry holidays
    Will see you soon



  2. Cool stuff. Can't wait to see the apron.

  3. I love the gifts you received and look forward to seeing them on you. It's not really a holiday for me, but I like it that way. I get lifestyle perks in other ways.

  4. Lots of great stuff! I had to show off my best present right away (my tattoo!).

  5. I love that dress, but I know better than to believe I would ever actually have the guts to wear it in public.

  6. *gasp* Wow, I love these pieces! Lucky girl! Can't wait to see you wear it!

  7. These are awesomes as you know, and I can't wait to see pics of you in these pieces! Aya, I confess to having been so down in the dumps for, well, a little too long recently, that I haven't even opened my mail, not that we've been home-home much to get it. But I know you sent me something, and I am feeling better and plan to open it soon.

    You brighten my day considerably, and I'm so glad you are here.