Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Picnic

  On Sunday my friend threw a picnic in Golden Gate Park. It was 35 F.

  I realize that's balmy compared to where some of you are, but you probably weren't voluntarily hanging out on the ground for two hours, were you? Oh well. My role is not to ask, it is to make a batch of Hawai'ian fried chicken and go support him.

  Oh, and to dress warmly.
Violet undershirt hoodie: Blu Chic (thrifted)
Knit tunic: Threads (gift from Megan Mae)
Skirt: Hillard & Hanson (thrifted)
Sweater dress: Rhys Dwfen (thrifted)
Coat: S by Serle (thrifted)
Scarf: unknown (thrifted)

... very warmly.
Very similar to the look I shot my friend when I got there.
  I actually added a knit hat and some fingerless gloves before heading out the door, too.

  The asymmetrical sweater tunic deal is from Megan Mae! It's another one of those items I never would have picked out for myself and that I like better and better the longer I have it. It's a fantastic overlayer for my long sleeved shirts for winter. I put another asymmetric knit over it, the soft wool sweater dress by Rhys Dwfen:
  I don't know how interesting my outfits are right now. We're going into the coldest weather of the year in my area, and I am a delicate California strawberry. My outfits are me wearing as many things from my winter wardrobe as possible, all piled on top of one another. I'm trying to keep a little color in there, but mostly I'm trying not to look cranky all of the time (which is how I look when I am cold. :D)

  Does your style change with the weather?

  Speaking of interest, I thrifted this lavender Jones New York dress the other day. Love the color, am baffled by the shapeless tube-form! I already removed the unfortunate shoulder pads, else the dress wouldn't touch a single part of my body. Check this out:
It's a cassock!
  I think I have two main options here, but I wanted to see your preference or if you had any additional suggestions.
  The first is I could take the dress way in. I would likely do pretty dramatic princess seams in the front and back, then let the skirt back out to an A-line.
  The second: since this dress is a garment-and-a-half, with an opaque panel/half a dress under the front panels, I could remove the dress panel, open the false jacket in the front, and make this a decorative coat.

  Ideas, votes, and pointing and laughing are all welcomed. :D

  ... I confess half the reason I bought the dress was it smelled really clean and faintly of naphthalene, and it reminded me of my grandmother's house. The rest of the reason was it was $5 and I love the color. :D Do you ever buy things on emotional whims?


  1. I really enjoy the intelligence you bring to your blog.

    1. Wow, thank you so much Lisa. Heck of a compliment. (:

  2. I would just layer the crap out of that dress. And then maybe add a belt if that didn't work. Really though, I got nothing.

  3. I wish I had a good suggestion - as a short person I tend to avoid longer items like that - what I can say is I dig the color of lavender that it is!

    I wanted to also let you know that your guest post is scheduled to run tomorrow on my blog - thank you again for writing it!!

    1. I enjoyed writing it. :D And congratulations again!

  4. I am intrigued to know just what naphthalene smells like...I have no idea whatsoever. Moth balls?

    I think that it is looking rather long on you, plus of course it is too full. If you manage to take it in lots so you can see you have a waist again it has a fighting chance.

    I try not to buy emotionally...but inevitably it happens.


    1. Yes, naphthalene's used in moth balls. I find the smell so comforting because it was used in my grandmother's home.

      Yeah, it's a funny-looking robe, isn't it? :D I am looking forward to messing around with all that fabric. Maybe if I just keep chopping little chunks out... (;

  5. LOVE your super layered look. I'm going to have to get creative this weekend. I'm working an outside event for 8 hours Saturday, then 4 on Sunday. Brr!! So glad the tunic works for you.

    I would personally turn it into a jacket, maybe use the panels to add some kind of gore or cool detailing?

    1. Oh, I love that idea! Maybe a high-low hem or something with extra swirly action. The possibilities!

  6. The asymmetric tunic is cool! Or warm. At least it's a handy layer for a December picnic. I hope there was some brandy to keep everyone warm.

    As for the purple thing, unless you really like to sew, I would say re-donate it. Honest. Or use it for a Siamese twin costume next Halloween if you have a really, really good friend that you can squeeze in there with you!

    1. Haha! I love your idea.

      Yeah, the dress definitely isn't getting worn as-is. I think I will take it to my friend the costume designer's house tomorrow and take it apart and see what I can do with the fabric. :D

  7. Raises hand 'cause have bought stuff that looked just like the house dresses my maternal grandmother wore. When I knew her, she was very short, almost two hundred pounds, and very round. I thought she was gorgeous, and so once in a while, a floral mumu will mysteriously appear in my Goodwill bags.

    Do you know I was in SF TWICE this year for the first time in my life? Once for The Teen's Make-a-Wish trip and once for an annual immigration lawyers conference. I had the best time. And I still haven't shown off my two fabo purchases from the downtown SF Goodwill. I wish I'd known you then!