Friday, December 13, 2013

Cop Copine Out

  The weather's been gorgeous! Can't miss your 1/2 hour shooting window though, or you'll end up sort of red, like I am here.
Shirt: Cop Copine (thrifted)
Vest: Forever (thrifted)
Skirt: Ann Taylor (gift from Megan Mae)
Gloves: River Island
Pointelle tights: Hue (eBay)
Earrings: unknown, very old
Lightning boots: Naya (gift from Dad)

  Hope this isn't too similar to the last time I styled this skirt here. It lends itself perfectly to dark neutrals, okay? :D Since I am wearing my Naya boots that I wear in every other post, I am linking up to Citizen Rosebud's Shoe Glitterati.

  I really like this unique shirt by Cop Copine. It's got a knit body with a cowl neck, then button down fabric sleeves with slightly puffed shoulders, followed by cuffs and more knit fabric down at the wrists:
 There are even little cufflinks of buttons knotted together! ... well, one fake cufflinks. They were missing on the other side, so I made another pair out of the smallest round pearl buttons from my button box.
  I randomly found a missing vintage earring today, which is great! I found it while searching for my missing lipstick, which did not turn up. |= Soon I will have to issue a missing makeup report, because my pink eye shimmer is also missing, and it's simmering on the back burner of my mind, slowly driving me insane.

  This is perplexing me because I'm a reasonably clean person and I live in a tiny apartment. Too many things! Has anything you own gone missing lately? Does it ever turn up in the most obvious place, leaving you feeling asinine and/or infuriated? Does it also drive you to distraction when you can't find something?


  1. Uh-oh... I think you're on to me. I sneak into your apartment when you're not there and quietly steal your makeup. I didn't think you'd notice...

    Nice vest, btw! (*Secret Smile*)

    1. OMG are you serious?! You stole an iridescent pink shimmer while you are SO a warm autumn?!?

      (I actually have no idea what those words mean. :D)

  2. You look amazing with that glorious blue sky background! I'm happy you showed a close-up of those fantastic sleeves. These kind of details are worth the second look! And the boots...knock out fabulous!

    I frequently 'lose' things that turn up right in front of my face days later...I swear my angels hide things on purpose. I once searched high and low for a pair of peridot stud earrings. Could not, for the life of me, find them, so I bought another pair. I brought them home, and opened my little cardboard jewel box, and there was the original pair...literally staring me in the face. Drives me crazy!

  3. I call losing things now simply "aging". LOL

    I'm very anal about putting stuff back and staying organized so when I do lose something it really drives me nuts. I can't blame it on the kids since we don't have any. I'd like to blame it on my pug but really, unless it is edible she can't be bothered. Lately I have found myself going crazy looking for my sunglasses, which, in the end, turn out to be on my head. Yup. Sad.

    BTW I love those earrings!


  4. Wow, really love that outfit! Especially the skirt.
    I can't find things every single day. Keys, sunglasses, lip balm, my wallet. This usually happens when I am trying to go somewhere and I am already late...

  5. I love that top! I love unique combinations and details like that. I'll have to remember that brand.

    I always find missing things if I just look a little bit harder, and maybe in a less obvious place. Did you have the lipstick in your hand when the phone rang, or you carried it into the kitchen and laid it down in the silverware drawer? But some things just get lost because they want to live a new life. Hopefully your lipstick won't end up living under a bridge somewhere.

  6. The colors and textures are driving me crazy!! Gorgeous. I love the boots too. I lose things all the time, which also drives me crazy (in a bad way). There's absolutely no rhyme or reason for some of the disappearances. I'm currently searching for a hat that a friend gave me. Ugh. Hope you find your makeup.

  7. You have an a thoroughly fantastic fashion sense. I love the dark hues you've been sporting for us lately. I too always seem to gravitate towards a more ink inspired palette as winter comes barreling into town again.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. You look very steampunky elegent--I love this outfit!!
    that shirt is really cool-love the details