Thursday, May 15, 2014

Too hot for pants and Couturgatory giveaway winner

Seriously. 30 pairs of jeans and trousers with cool detailing might as well be clown shoes for all the good they do me. What to wear when it's 90F/32C inside the house?
Tank top hoodie: Skinny Minnie (defunct online store)
Skirt: LUX (thrifted)
Platform sandals: Born (gift from Cathy)
Necklace: (thrifted)
I've had this shirt for several years but I realized I've only ever worn it in Brazil and Taiwan, so it's making its U.S. debut on this blog.

Before, I would have heaped scorn on a hood attached to a tank top, but in this heat I now see the genius: it acts like a stillsuit from Dune and protects me a little from intense heat and water loss.
I was afraid to wear jewelry that was too big, lest I attract the wrath of Apollo.
The fabric is a little sheer, but I'm way beyond caring. I talk a good game about trying to be tasteful, but crank the heat near 100F and all bets are off. I wore a shirt that was a glorified handkerchief once, when it was 110 in Paris, until some dude followed me through three floors of a book shop.

And now to the giveaway! The winner, via random number generator, is :
Beth, of The Melodic Stylings of Bethie the Boo! Thank you all for entering, and of course, for reading. I'll be in touch shortly to get mailing address info, provided the heat doesn't leave me lying supine on the floor like a sack of laundry. :D


  1. Ugh, too darn hot! But you are managing to look cool and fresh and lovely despite the heat, The hooded t-shirt looks gorgeous over that lacey skirt, and I am envying your sandals.
    Well done to Beth! xx

  2. Yay for Beth! And I agree with you -- when the heat starts boiling, modesty disappears.

  3. ME? I never win!! YAY!!! I'm excited!!!

    And man, that is hot. I'm not ready for that kind of heat yet, but I'd take anything more than 50 degrees right now! I love that hooded tank top, it's unique! :)

  4. I love the concept of the hooded tank top! My one year old has one with shorts attached. When will they come out with adult versions of that ? ;)

  5. I think it's going to be a hot summer on the west coast. At least you've got your first pretty and lightweight outfit sorted. And the skirt's American debut - how special!! You do look like you could almost stay cool and fresh in any heat. And did you cut your hair? It looks cute!

  6. OH that's too hot for me! You look look cool in both senses of the word though. I love that hoodie! I am a hoodie fan and especially when it is the kind of thing where you say, why put a hood with that? LOVE your hair! It's official, I want you to shop for my summer wardrobe please.

  7. OMG, parallel universe. It's been in the high 80's-low 90's here and our air conditioner gave up the ghost. We're taking our time trying to price the best solution, and in the meantime I'm aware that an air conditioner IS a luxury, a relatively recent one at that. I'm trying to embrace the heat and flow with it, but really? I'm with you. Supine like a sack of laundry is a generous simile. I can think of a few more that aren't nearly as elegant.

    I'm scrambling to figure out my go-to pieces to survive. Hang in. Maybe we'll both relocate by next summer. XXOO

  8. Oh man, that weather sounds positively unbearable! It looks like you're braving it exceptionally well though. I really love how light and airy your ensemble looks!