Monday, September 22, 2014

Fedora Blues

Fedora: Stacy Adams (available online)
Top: Edme Esyllte (eBay)
Locket: Express (v. old)
Boots: ALDO (thrifted)
I still don't know how to style this fedora, but I've had it for several years now, so I'm trying it with anything, so long as it doesn't clash. I originally bought it because my boss at the time had one from this brand and I thought it looked snazzy.

I think some of the difficulty is that the fedora is a warm saturated navy, while most of my clothes are cool and low brightness/saturation.
Tried this purple Edme Esyllte top, since it also doesn't go with anything. I thought it looked kind of military/Steampunky, so I purchased it, only to have it languish in my closet because I can't find something to wear on the bottom. (Skirts don't work because of the empire waist.)

When in doubt, put a bunch of random crap you like together and show Southern OC that there are other things than workout clothes to wear! As my friend says, "You know that feeling you're having? It's called dissonance. It means learning is taking place!"

It's been 95F/35C all summer, and while there's nothing wrong with a tank top and shorts, they don't feel very dressy to me, and I haven't put together anything creative. Most of my clothes are still in storage, and blocked off by a literal ton of 80s television equipment. Sigh. Lately I've been turning on the AC for the dog and escaping to a quiet café to work during the day.
I miss my wardrobe, but I've invested a little money thrifting some things to wear in my new desert climate, to be featured soon. And while my life has been in a slump sartorially, other things are fine to dandy. :D Here's a picture of me at the 626 Night Market with the world's largest cup of boba:
Suddenly my own drink did not seem to measure up
Fresh lavender lemonade
Two really nice ladies sporting outfits from Japan


  1. So nice to see your face in the blogisphere again! That's a great top and I think the hat looks just perfect with it. Lavender lemonade sounds heavenly.

  2. Good to see you posting again! I hope you start getting some relief from all that heat soon! I am totally digging this hat!

  3. Hiya Aya! So nice to see you again! I'm with ArgentGal...the lavender lemonade sounds lovely! Looking forward to hearing about new digs in the desert. I love your hat and can imagine it going well with red!

  4. Hi, hi, hi! So happy to see you! Sorry about the disgusting hear but I love your fabulous blue fedora. And your adorable puppy!

  5. Nice to see you, Aya! It's been hot here for months, too, and now that I'm self-employed I also have been wearing shorts and T-shirts every day. Who needs a bigger wardrobe than that? But the fedora - surely it can style itself. I wouldn't worry if the color isn't perfect - it's neutral enough and very handsome, so you should just wear it when you feel like it!

  6. It's nice to see you here again Aya! Really great fedora, I like the colour and small decorations. And what a cute puppy!

  7. I missed you! So glad to see you back. I like your outfit and I think the jeans are the best thing for that style top with an empire waist. I love the hat and I don't think the navy looks warm but it is definitely a stronger colour than you usually wear. The style looks really good on you so maybe you should be on the look out for one like it but in a softer colour. Oh I have a brown leather totally Indiana Jones fedora that needs a good home. Seriously if you want it e-mail me I don't have a lifestyle even remotely resembling Indiana Jones but in another life when I had long hair and went camping a lot and wore lots of khaki cargo pants the hat was perfect.
    Somewhere in my blog there is a pic of me wearing it-I think it is that post with the facts about me thing. I sound so intelligent and articulate, don't I?

  8. OMG! You're back! Welcome!

    You may not see this but I view your use of the hat in how it affects your silhouette -- it gives even more emphasis to your natural curves. Your body shows attractive curved edges which are continued and mirrored by the brim of the hat. Subliminally, it extends and thereby highlights your curviness, which creates a lovely, subtle feminine look.