Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brown Coat

  I don't know if it was Salazar's comment about beloved defunct show Firefly the other day, but today I felt like going for a little Ye Olde and a little Western in my outfit. It's my way of breaking up the jeans every day pattern and having something comfortable enough to get my car serviced and study all day in.

  Today's shirt thingy (Diesel, thrifted) is a tunic, I think, so I also wore my thrifted Diesel coat. If they're the same brand, they have to look good together, right? I think this also counts as mixing black and brown. I hear that's a style thing. Do my eyes plus hair also count?
  I had all the fun of a dramatic thigh slit without any of the stress of having a slab of my thigh hanging around in public. I love my quads more than anything, but the world is not ready for that much wushu power just yet.
 I also wore a big square scarf because when Diesel says xs, they are not messing around. I can only fasten two buttons of the coat. This tunic is also defies any attempt at covering bra straps. I'm starting to think these clothes are intended for lanky European models making duckfaces so they can cut glass with their cheekbones.
I did my best, but the coat was not fooled.
  I really liked these buttons and how it looked like I could adjust the strap length so as not to get armpit-garroted. Alas, the button holes below it are tiny and decorative. Easy fix with a seam ripper, though.

  Thank you guys for reading and blogging. It's my pick-me-up during the superlong days of chemistry all week. :D

Coat and tunic: Diesel (both thrifted)
Pinstripe trousers: Gap (thrifted)
Platform shoes: Candie's (thrifted)
Sage wrap bracelet: Foxy Originals (item link)
Scarf: H&M (old)


  1. Love your outfit. That coat is amazing!

    I miss Firefly. :-( We've been rewatching it lately and it makes me sad!

    1. Our neighbors across the hall were watching it and the walls are so thin I can hear all of the music. It made me sad by proxy! I would have been so happy with 3 seasons of that show.

    2. Well, three seasons and maybe some Asian people that I hear made up half the 'verse.

  2. You look ready to make trouble in entertaining ways. <3

  3. Squee! for Firefly reference. And for that awesome coat (sometimes you have to sacrifice being able to button it up all the way for a nice fit elsewhere.)

    " I'm starting to think these clothes are intended for lanky European models making duckfaces so they can cut glass with their cheekbones." -You make me laugh. Thanks! :-)

  4. Yay, I love Firefly! You look like Kaylee! It's a fun version of the steampunk aesthetic that I dig.