Thursday, July 4, 2013

Desaturated Rainbow

  I didn't realize it until after I'd gotten dressed, but this outfit is a desaturated rainbow:
  It's not all the way desaturated; I am no Desaturated Santa (she is awesome!) but beige is a type of orange with very little saturation. Ah, you may be asking, but where is the red?
  Peekaboo! I am a 360° desaturated rainbow. (:

  I am a stranger to balmy weather after these 8 years on the peninsula, but I feel I'm ramping right back into it after pulling all of my remaining tank tops and lightweight trousers from the corners of my wardrobe.

  I love the gold paint on this shirt. I wish I could capture how lovely the color is. I looked up the brand (Miss Poem) online and the brand is from Turkey! I love finding out about multinational brands through thrift finds. :D

  This jacket was hands down the easiest jacket alteration I have ever done. I took in the side seams by stitching a single line down each side inside of the jacket, and shortened the sleeves by tucking up the fabric and sewing in a circle right under above the cuffs.  The wide bands with the button hide the line!

  I don't have class on the 4th, and the break could not come sooner. I am so tired. There's a BART strike (the train system where I live) so in addition to my 12.5-hour summer school days I've been commuting by car this week, so that means hiking off campus and moving my car every 2 hours. It's very rare I'm so tired I can't eat, but that's been this week. Looking forward to sleeping a lot in between my studying this long weekend.

  I hope you all have fabulous plans for this weekend, too. (: Have you ever dressed in a rainbow or other color theme? How about inadvertently? :D

Jacket: Live a Little (thrifted)
Green sleeveless top: Miss Poem (thrifted)
Pants: Sanctuary for Anthropologie (gift)
Rose scrunchee: Japan
Shoes: New Balance (Dad)


  1. I love how smart you are. People who use language well impress me.

    Rainbow colors, you ask? Well... certainly!

    1. Oh, I remember this one! This was one of the very first posts I read of yours when I discovered your blog. :D

  2. What a gorgeous jacket! I've never done a rainbow day, but I've done primary color days numerous times. I often dress around a theme, whether it's apparent or not. X)

  3. I hope you get some much needed rest. Love this green print top and the jacket is very cute. You did a great job altering it!