Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mullet Skirts

  I have a confession: I like mullet dresses.

  At least, that is what I have been calling this cut since they made their appearance:
  This one is from Doublju, a Korean clothing company that sells some items through Amazon. I've recommended it to a few male friends of mine because they have some interesting urban pieces for men. Tricky in that the clothes tend to be cut for Asian proportions, though.

  I haven't decided how I like the look on me, yet. You may find this odd, seeing as how I've owned this dress for like four months, but that's my other confession: clothes that enter my wardrobe get worked into outfits slowly.

  I think my conclusion is I love how the color matches my scarf (a handmade gift from one of my bestest friends Meghan), and the cut is all right, but I hate the fabric. It's that cheap very stretchy thin fabric that seems to make up all junior clothing nowadays, that is good for draping and nothing else. You can see the lumps of my leggings waistband outlined under the material, and this dress is not in any way tight.  It also means in the back, where I feel this cut should fall in a graceful curve, it hangs limp and folded. It will probably be made into a pattern.

  It was fun to layer under, though. I went with a black lace tank top under the back cutouts and black side lace leggings because the front of this thing is cut pretty high.
  I am linking up to Patti of Not Dead Yet's Visible Monday. It was great fun meeting folks last time, and I hope this week I'll have time to check out more personal style blogs.

  I ran out the door for a ramen appointment with friends and did not get close-up photos of my gorgeous scarf. I'll put some in my post tomorrow.

  How about your wardrobe turnover? Do new things get used right away, or does it take time to integrate?

  Also, if you want to know why outfits take time for me to figure out, it's because the process involves making this:
  ... so I have to make sure I have some time free after getting dressed to put everything away again. This is why every outfit gets logged in a notebook and on this blog now. I'm hoping there is a better way.

Scarf: handmade (Meghan)
Dress: Doublju (Amazon)
Black cincher belt: unknown (thrifted, Japan)
Black lace tank top and leggings: cheap junior stores
Lark boots: Naya (eBay)


  1. I think this outfit needs a fascinator to be complete. It is one fascinator less than complete, but still very awesome. It's all drama and you look faboo.

    I haven't decided how I feel about mullet skirts and dresses. I don't own any, so my current status is: I've seen them look good on other people (and even faboo!) but I can't get excited about wearing them. I'm sure one will come along that knocks my socks off, but until then...

    1. I had not even considered fascinators and now I cannot imagine this without one. I definitely have to get off my keister after this horrible summer school business is over and make a fancy headband.

  2. I like high-low hems, too. I call them that instead of mullet dresses because here "mullet" has such negative connotations.

    1. I hope I didn't pull the equivalent of a pants/fanny on an English person. ;)

      Here they are just known as tacky hairstyles worn in the 80s/by men in San Bernadino.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I was looking at your Google+ profile- do you have a blog, or do you do YouTube blogging video reviews? I'd love to check 'em out when I have some time. :D

  4. I like it on your, especially with your very referential layers! Period and new, pretty on you. I'm a fan of high-lows, especially when they flatter like this one on you. Excellent.
    I always try to make myself wait for a few days ... most of my wardrobe is for me to swan around at our restaurant, when I'm not cleaning tables and running my ample ass off. Waiting allows me to think about different combos. Blogging has made it clear I need to try things on before going out the door!

    1. Ample is such an awesome word. There should be more to capture fullness and awesomeness when describing oneself.

      I too have found downtime a great chance to think about clothes combinations. I'll admit I people-watch too, and sketch out looks I like. Do you see interesting ensembles come in on your customers?

    2. Honestly? Nope, not often. We have a tiny, "gastro-ish" pub and restaurant in a very rural area that has been hit hard this last decade. We try to make folks feel comfortable in overalls or dresses, but this time of year it's usually shorts (worn with wildly varying degrees of success, tanks and muscle shirts with flips-flops.) I consistently overdress from a little to a lot, and do it mainly to keep myself cheered. Oddly, though, women wear some wonderful fragrances sometimes around these parts ...

  5. What a great color in your dress. I like how you paired it with the booties.
    I do sometimes thrift things and for some reason it takes me forever to get around to wearing them. I really like I really don't know why that is. Well...I guess actually do. I have TOO MANY CLOTHES. haha

    1. Haha, I understand the feeling.

      Sometimes I also think we buy some items when they are a little new to us, or on the edge of our fashion boundaries in a direction we're moving, and it takes a while to figure out how to match them up.