Monday, August 5, 2013

Casual Japanese Elements

  Casual day today. Trying to relax. So, jeans!
  This is my shirt shell with the most ridiculous sleeves to date. I dig it. I heart the chrysanthemums and Japanese-y traditional print, and I love the criminy out of the flowy bell sleeves. I didn't even have to alter them. They are wrist length for me. Love.
  I am adding a new label today: fire hazard. It will mark all of my impractical sleeves and anything that has dangly pieces of lace or string.
  Clearly with jeans and black shoes, a leather jacket is in order. Something about these three things together make me feel more confident and a little armored.
  Sushi jewelry is also in order. It's even American-style sushi, with California rolls! Japanese, American, and California, just like me.
  Trying out liquid eyeliner more lately. I avoided liner for a long time because I thought it was far too dark and had the unfortunate effect of making the wearer look sleep-deprived/angry/strung out. I've since realized that of course, you notice the things most when they are are too strong for your personal preference. When I apply the me-amount, I quite like it. And of course, there are always people who can rock eyeliner all day like it was made for them. Like this man:

  Hot damn. I hope your weeks are off to good starts. As always, thank you for stopping by.

Shirt shell: unknown (thrifted)
Underlayer : MNG basics (old)
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (thrifted)
Blue leather jacket: Laundry by Shelli Segal (gift)
Shoes: Dansko (thrifted)
Sushi necklace & earrings: tatsuko- shop currently selling chiyogami. other sushi jewelry (old, etsy)


  1. I love drapey sleeves too, but they do get in the way. I tend to drag mine through my food!

    Love your sushi jewelry!

  2. You are totally the cutest! Those sleeves are amazing. I've always been in love with sleeve styles like that, but you're totally right. I call 'em sleeve dippers because I always wind up dipping slinky sleeves in food. LOL! Probably the reason i stick to sleeveless until it's just too cold.

  3. Both of you are right, this is not a shirt I wear if I am cleaning the kitchen or cooking, haha.

    I have found it's ok for dinner, but that's because I both flip it up to elbow and do the Japanese fan dance thing by holding the sleeve in one hand while reaching for food with the other. I hope it looks graceful. It is more likely it looks hilarious. :D

  4. Beautiful top. Great color, pattern, and style. I love it with that jacket too. Another original and exciting label/tag!