Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vintage Bohemian Fairy

My friend called my personal style "Vintage Bohemian... Fairy" today. It was accompanied by vague hand motions trying to help the definition along. I love the title very much!
Peach frilly tee: TRF t-shirt collection (thrifted)
Blue-grey lace vest: Odille (size 6 available on eBay)
Lacy pink tank: Express best-loved bra cami (old)
Skirt: Rebecca Taylor (thrifted)
Sandals: Eastland Lagoon sandal (product link)
Locket: vintage (etsy store feltinmyheart)

  Fall weather is here in the SF Bay Area! For those not in the know, fall is the time of year we get clear sunny days. It goes from September through October, and it is my favorite weather of all. You can tell I have no experience shooting on sunlit days. Hope you all like lens flare!
  I love the little ruffle and lace on this tee. It feels soft and fun without crossing the line into 'frippery.'
  This skirt has a bit of history. Some months back, Sheila at Ephemera posted about a Steampunk style skirt she found while thrifting. It looked glorious and I, being the possessive copycat wench that I am, thought, "I want a Steampunk style skirt, too!"
  And a month later I found this! It was beautiful! Couldn't believe my luck! Brought it home and hung it up for two months because I couldn't find anything that looked okay with it until today.
  It may not show up because of the backlighting, but this is the locket I am wearing. It's shaped like a pale gold basket of flowers, studded with rhinestones and pearls. The hinge opens and there is room for two photos inside. I call it my rage locket (purchased while rage shopping!) and I love it. I had been looking for something like my Express locket for a very long time.
  The bureaucracy and headache at my University has made my week one long Kermit arm flail. I'm going to have a nap, and I hope all of your weekends go beautifully. (:


  1. VBF! Three of my favorite words! I never thought they'd be strung together but they fit you. Cute outfit. And isn't Sheila a wonderful blogger?!

  2. I'd probably throw the words "Dandy Pirate" in there too. I adore your style. Sheila's got the best style to copycat imo. I covet her shoe wardrobe.

    Love your "rage" locket!!

    Sorry about the school troubles. I just started back for the semester and I want to cry at how frustrated I am already. That kermit arm wave is quite the perfect gif reaction.

  3. So pretty, as always!

    'rage shopping!' I know shopping can cure a lot of moods, but I've never heard of its mollifying characteristics... :-)

    I hope the weekend gives you time to decompress.

    1. Haha, I don't often buy things out of spite, but it's happened once or twice! The circumstances have to be just so that somehow, buying something that you would get a lot of enjoyment and use out of is an act of defiance/vengeance against someone you're really angry/annoyed with.

  4. I just stumbled across this blog looking for casual steampunk fashion. I'm following your blog now after looking through some of your entries :) Very nice outfits! Thanks for sharing. ^^

    1. Cool! Welcome, and I hope I'll put up things you find interesting. :D

  5. I adore this look! So cute. Congrats on the feature at Already Pretty, Aya! You're famous. :)

    I came to SF with my husband about 6 years ago for my birthday in October and the weather was fantastically gorgeous. It's my favourite time of year. Can't wait to visit there again - someday! So many fabulous cities to see...

  6. I like it how you combined three different things on top together, looks really interesting. And I love your locket, so pretty. Have a nice day!

  7. I'll post very quietly, so I don't disturb you nap. Naps are a much undervalued joy in life.
    You look great in your very sweet and referential outfit, and I understand vintage, and bohemian, but what constitutes fairy!? Let me know sometime.
    Very cute indeed and very like the ever-adventurous Sheila.
    Have a great, clear SF week!
    Sorry ... shhhhh ....

    1. I think she was talking about my love of handkerchief hems and glitter. Not so much in this outfit, but they make their appearance this time of year, with the sunny weather. :D

  8. Here's hoping all the glitches at the university have fixed themselves by now. Love the ruffles with the vest--a successfully steampunk look.

  9. I too love the title that describes your personal style. And I adore the locket. Rage shopping is a new concept for me, but I 'get it.'