Saturday, August 3, 2013

Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather we'll weather the storm!
And whether we waver in water or wetter
Wayfarers will gather wherever it's warm!

  Right, I think I've lost my mind.
  When I woke up in East Bay this morning, the weather was beautiful. Sunshine as I hadn't seen in weeks was streaming in the window. I packed up and headed home, into the fog bank, where even Daly Sad is getting a hint of light through the everpresent cloud layer. I am in a sundress type of mood.
  For someone who lives in the climate I do, I have a disturbing number of sundresses. I may have more sundresses than there are actual sunny days per year. I think I keep shopping for my dreams, rather than my everyday. It reminds me of my former roommate, who would sometimes wear shorts on principle, because it was summer, or as we like to call it, "summer."
  In deference to the weather, this one is fully lined, which adds some wind protection, while making it twice as much trouble to iron (which is why I didn't. >.>) I took the opportunity to add some layers and accessorize in a way that felt like me:

  I love these faux leather panel leggings. I got them last winter for warmth and they're actually more like stretch pants- they're a thick exercise pant material and of course fully opaque. Still, principles are principles, and leggings will be worn appropriately under skirts and dresses, never on their own. Someone has to fight the good fight.
  You can see in the side shot the pretty chiffon layer on the dress doesn't extend to the back. It's a plain knit material there. Unfortunately what you get with cheap dresses these days. Does seem odd to me the company would go through the trouble of this labor-intensive detailing and skimp on a panel of chiffon for the back.
  I got this necklace when I was a teenager, and was quite taken with it. It came with a little scroll you could write on and tuck inside. Of course I have no way of finding out what I wrote, because since the capsule kept unscrewing and falling off, I glued the blasted thing shut and now I will never get it open again. Good job, 16 year-old me. Your secret is safe forever. 32 year-old you would like to have a little chat about skin care.

  Here is a shot with the fascinator, for Michelle:
  I thought the fascinator went really well with the dress, and somewhat less so with the biker leggings and jacket. Unsurprising. Maybe one of these days I will feel like a feminine pair of shoes and bare gams, and then we will see.

Dress: sylc camisa (eBay)
Faux leather leggings: unknown (eBay, various sizes available)
Boots: Naya Lark (old, eBay)
Denim biker jacket: Guess (thrifted)
Capsule necklace: very old (Sacramento)
Fascinator: Cara NY (Nordstrom, old)


  1. 1. OMG I love that dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress.

    2. FASCINATORS!!!! OH, I think I might just love that too. Everything. Everything about this look I love.

    3. You are not the only one who believes that leggings are not pants. I'm with you, girl.

    1. 1. Yay! There's just something about random things hanging off a garment in asymmetrical ways that lights up a part of my brain. You too?

      2. Fascinators are my jam. It is my ambition to one day have the time to make some.

      3. Solidarity!

  2. I love your leggings. So stylish.

    I've done several posts about WLAP (Wearing Leggings As Pants) and still don't know why so many women do it. I can't go to the mall without seeing displays of pelvic areas that ought to be covered up.

    1. Haha, it's true. Something about seeing the "cat's smile" as I think of it (the crease beneath the buttocks) on a stranger feels very inappropriate to me.

      I have heard they are very comfortable, and having something form-fitting to wear can make women who do not normally feel sexy feel good about their bodies. So on one hand I really want that for everyone. On the other hand I don't think it looks good, so I at least hope everyone who is doing this is making an informed choice about it and enjoying how she looks in them.

  3. "...leggings will be worn appropriately under skirts and dresses, never on their own. Someone has to fight the good fight." -THANK YOU!!

    The details in your clothing and your outfits are always so great. I guess that's what makes it an 'outfit' and not just some clothes pulled out of the closet and thrown on (which I honestly do on a daily basis).

    My season sadness is that fall is so darn short where I live. A LOT of my favourite/cutest clothes are too heavy for hot, sticky summer but too lightweight for winter, and I have to cram wearing them all into less than a week... :-( But at least the cotton dresses (in garish prints, because that's how I roll) get their use. :-)

    1. Haha, I put up a photo some posts ago of what *doesn't* get put together and therefore what needs to be put away after I try on garment after garment to see what works. Maybe some strategy will enter in at some points, but I'm definitely using the 'guess 'n check' method right now.

      You would enjoy SF Bay Area weather, I think. It never really drops below freezing, but it is trench coat weather at least 85 percent of the time.

  4. You have a beautiful blog and your style is very original and unique. Beautiful fascinator! Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack.

    1. Thank you for hosting! I cannot wait until next week (I have a very packed school week) to read everybody's blogs and examine the beautiful headwear pieces. I just had to jump ahead and link up because I got so excited. I love hats. :D